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The declaration of division of a property in Hamburg: structure, content and function

If more than one owner is to be registered for a house, a condominium or a plot of land in Hamburg, a so-called declaration of division is required: This clearly defines the ownership structure between several people who together form the community of owners. If you are planning to buy a property in Hamburg and name more than one owner, you can use this article from your real estate agent Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe to find out what the contents of the declaration of partition are and what functions it performs for the community of owners.

What is Micro Living and why is it called the urban living concept of the future?

A look at the current market trends reveals that the large conurbations are still immensely popular as places to live. After all, their extensive offer of jobs, entertainment and general infrastructure fits perfectly with the modern 24-hour lifestyle.

Investing in real estate - efficient use of your investment

Investing in real estate can be lucrative quickly and also provide you with tax benefits. However, in order to benefit from good profit returns in the long term, you should know a few things about investing in real estate in order to secure your investment in the best possible way. The real estate market offers you numerous opportunities.

Investment guide for investment properties

When an investment in real estate is worthwhile - and what to consider.It is not without reason that real estate is one of the most attractive investments. They are ideal for diversifying the overall assets or portfolio and often offer attractive tax advantages. On the one hand, investors have the choice between real estate funds, crowdinvesting in real estate and an exchange-traded REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). On the other hand, there is the Direct investment in real estate - the "capital investment at your fingertips", which can be managed in a more targeted manner than other investments.

Real estate financing

Would you like to invest in a property and borrow money from a bank to do so? Then you should find out more about real estate financing here. Real estate financing is a financing model that is specifically geared towards real estate. These financing models are often difficult to understand and complex for the layperson.

Your real estate portfolio - how should it ideally be structured financially?

One of the clear Advantages of real estate as a capital investment compared to other investment opportunities, such as gold as an investment, is the possibility of lending through banks. It is important to note that the banks evaluate the personal income situation in addition to the property when financing the first property.

Seller Guide

Private subletting - what is permissible and what is not?

You want to sublet your apartment? Whenever a contract is signed, the signatories should be aware of the applicable legal situation in order to avoid any subsequent disputes resulting from inadequate knowledge of the law. This also applies to subletting your own four walls. We would like to inform you about the most important legal principles by answering frequently asked questions.

Lofty ambitions for your home: the value of attic conversions

What if there were thousands of pounds just waiting for you in your loft? Attic conversions are considered among the top ways to increase your home's selling power by real estate agents, adding up to 20% to the value. Whether you've got a penthouse suite, a games room or cosy library in mind, transforming your loft can add space to your property and increase your return on investment.

Rezoning: What about fire protection and parking?

Office instead of restaurant? Gastronomy instead of retail? When a change of tenant is imminent, owners of a commercial unit sometimes think about letting another industry move in. But then a change of use must be applied for. What should owners know about this?

Example of hotel use

Hotel properties are Purpose-built properties with an infrastructure and furnishings geared to the purpose of tourist accommodation. Especially in the case of small and medium-sized hotels in central locations, a change of use to profitable residential use is often an economically attractive option for the property owner.

House sale contract - what you should pay attention to

A house sale contract is needed to facilitate the change of ownership of a property. At the same time, such a contract usually raises many questions for buyers and sellers. After all, selling a property is an everyday undertaking for very few people. It is therefore all the more important that the contract for the sale of a house is drawn up with appropriate care and prepared in a way that is understandable for all parties involved. In the following, we therefore explain in advance key questions regarding the contract of sale of a property.

Real Estate Agent

Jobs for School leaver, student and graduates at Engel & Völkers

Talented individuals with a passion for the property industry can expect a dynamic and international working environment at Engel & Völkers with minimal hierarchical structures and short decision-making processes. Whether as a trainee, intern, working student or graduate just starting out on the career ladder: take on responsibility right from the outset. It’s an ideal opportunity to get involved, test the waters and prove yourself. If you identify with our values competence, passion and exclusivity, you will feel right at home with Engel & Völkers. 

Training as a real estate agent - what awaits you!

Training as a real estate agent is a multifaceted challenge. Real estate agents have to deal with a wide range of tasks related to the real estate industry and real estate management.

Real estate agent: How to sucessfully make the career change

The real estate agent career-change programme is aimed at those who previously worked in another profession and are now looking for a career change. The reasons for this can be varied and always depend on the individual person. However, one thing is always the same when deciding to change jobs the process of working yourself up the ladder again. Becoming a real estate agent allows you, as a career changer, to enjoy success without the lengthy process of working your way up within the industry. For anyone who enjoys selling real estate, appreciates design and architecture, is interested in developments on the real estate market and is also looking for an all-around fulfilling profession, the real estate industry is made for you. Because the real estate industry, in particular, offers attractive, alternative careers for architects and designers. Below, we will go through some of the general key qualifications as well as some career and job tips if you want to become a real estate agent.

Become the best real estate agent. With Engel & Völkers.

We’re looking for you! People with a passion for and fascination with real estate – from industry newcomers to experienced agents. Anyone can become a real estate agent, but not everyone makes it a success. As a global property company with an incredibly strong brand, we can help you succeed, and we look forward to getting to know you.

What does a real estate agent do?

The broker’s fee is one of the biggest cost factors arising from property sales for owners and buyers. But what does a real estate agent do for the brokers fee you pay and why does it pay off?

E&V job insights: behind the real estate assistant job description

There's more to the world of real estate than becoming an agent. From advisors to more executive roles, your path into the world of luxury property could be a rich and varied experience, leading from practical positions into more consultative capacities throughout your career. If you're hoping to get your foot in the door at a luxury property agency, one role you might consider applying for to begin amassing a thorough knowledge of the industry is a that of a real estate assistant.

A career of your own making: The independent work of a real estate agent at Engel & Völkers

Flexible working hours, exciting customer contacts, attractive earning opportunities - all of which are offered by a career as a real estate agent. Often, however, real estate agents are faced with the challenge of achieving these goals through self-management and personal responsibility. Learn how Engel & Völkers supports you to work independently and thus take your career to the next level.

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The 15-minute city - infrastructural developments

Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to completely redesign the city centre of Paris. In this way, the streets are to be made available only to pedestrians and cyclists and the inner city is to be made as car-free as possible. Not only would air pollution be significantly reduced, this would also considerably improve the quality of life of the people living there.

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GG is an independent magazine at the highest level. Exploring the world of architecture, lifestyle, design, fashion, yachting, luxury living and travel. We seek out the most exciting topics and personalities for you and invite you to get to know them from a fresh new angle. In GG, you will meet successful architects, interesting designers and exciting artists who are the talk of the town from London to New York and Berlin to Hong Kong.


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