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The district of Mendrisio is the southernmost part of Switzerland and is commonly known as "Mendrisiotto". Adjacent to Lugano in the north, the district is surrounded on three sides by Italy and therefore has excellent connections to Varese, Como and Milan. Despite its small area spread, the Mendrisiotto counts the third largest population in the canton of Ticino after Lugano and Locarno. The alleys, wineries and romantic villages make the area a wonderful place to live at or spend the holidays.

The area is surrounded to the east by Monte San Giorgio (1.097m a.s.l.) and to the west by Monte Generoso (1.701m a.s.l.). The Ticino mountains offer many opportunities for active people, such as paragliding, mountain biking, hiking and much more. In the intervening triangular plain, which spans between Riva San Vitale on Lake Lugano, Stabio and Chiasso, is the capital of the district: Mendrisio.

- Blick auf Riva San Vitale und den Monte Generoso

Mendrisio is not only known for the reputation of the Academy for Architecture, but also because of the beautiful historic old town and the processions taking place there, such as in the Holy Week or the grape festival. Surrounded by vineyards, the city with its narrow streets, manor houses and churches is also called the «Tuscany of Switzerland». Statistically, most real estate sales take place in the region, what proves how desired the Mendrisiotto is. Just outside the city, the Fox Town Outlet can be found, offering more than 250 international brands inviting to a shopping trip.

At the point where the region meets Lake Lugano one of the oldest Christian monuments in Switzerland can be found. The Battistero of Riva San Vitale played an important role in the spread of Christianity in the canton of Ticino and is thus an important historical and religious testimony. If you want to visit the magnificent building and the picturesque village on the lake shore, you can also arrive by ferry.

- Tessiner Wein

Monte San Giorgio 

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its more than 200 million year old fossils and is one of the world's most important sites for marine fossils. The important heritage of the region can be admired in the new Fossil Museum in Meride designed by the famous architect Mario Botta. Within a 2-hour walk, the summit of the mountain can be reached. The climb is well worth it: on a clear day, the Monte San Giorgio offers a spectacular panoramic view of the region, across Morcote to the Alps. On the way back it is worthwhile to choose the "Geo-Paleontological Path" along the western flank.

For those who want to enjoy traditional Ticinese specialties, such as polenta cooked over an open fire, accompanied by excellent local wine, the typical Grotti of the Mendrisiotto are an ideal place to discover the beauty of region in the evening in addition to excellent cuisine.

Also in the west of the region can be found the quarries of the Arzo marble. It adorns numerous important buildings, including St. Peter's Basilica, Milan Cathedral, Einsiedeln Abbey, and the Confiserie Sprüngli in Zurich. Today, the quarry is no longer in operation, but has become a living cultural centre. An open-air amphitheater and educational trail tell the story of marble quarrying.

- Wandern im Mendrisiotto

Monte Generoso

The Monte Generoso is the main viewpoint of the canton of Ticino and offers at over 1,700m a.s.l. a spectacular breathtaking view: from the lakes of northern Italy, from the Matterhorn to the Jungfrau, from the Gotthard massif to the Bernina. Since almost 130 years, the cogwheel railway reaches the summit, but a multitude of hiking trails through the refreshing coolness of the chestnut woods also lead upwards. Since 2017, the new tourist complex "Fiore di pietra" is enthroned on the summit. The stone flower is the unique architectural work of the famous Ticino architect Mario Botta and houses two restaurants, as well as a 360-degree panoramic terrace.

Real estate in the Mendrisiotto

The Mendrisiotto is mainly inhabited by Italian, Swiss, German and international customers. The region is particularly popular with entrepreneurs, investors and families who work in the Mendrisiotto area and near Lugano and prefer living in a quiet location, but still near the city of Lugano or the main centres of northern Italy. The Mediterranean climate favors the development of a lush and beautiful flora, which makes the residential areas even more attractive places. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure with optimal connections to both Switzerland and Italy, the inhabitants enjoy an excellent quality of life.

The region offers a wide range of properties suiting the needs of each client or investor. Would you like to know more about sales and purchase opportunities in the Mendrisiotto? We look forward to hearing from you so that we can personally advise you on your request. Meanwhile, take a look at our current real estate selection in Mendrisiotto with this link.

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