Tips for a successful community of condominium owners


Tips for a successful community of condominium owners

Condominium in Switzerland

The term “condominium” was first mentioned in the Swiss Civil Code (CC) in January 1965. It still has an important impact on the living situation of a vast number of residents in Switzerland today and has established itself very well. 

The declared aim at the time was to allow a larger part of the population to become home-owners by allowing co-ownership of buildings. In contrast to a detached house, a condominium is usually still cheaper and thus easier to finance. In fact, since the introduction of the condominium ownership regime, home-ownership figures have risen to nearly 40 percent. However, owning a condominium is not only a good alternative to detached houses because of the financing. It also helps to conserve the increasingly scarce land resources, which automatically lead to a denser construction of new buildings. This is reflected in the increasing number of condominium complexes.

However, living in such a community is not equally suitable for all people and can sometimes become a challenge. That is why it is important to have sufficient information about this type of community of residents in advance.

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Disclaimer: Condominium ownership is a lifestyle that bring various challenges with it. It may therefore be worthwhile to seek adequate advice before purchasing a condominium in order to be sufficiently informed about the advantages and disadvantages involved. 

This handbook is intended to answer your most important questions on this subject, but cannot replace a concrete assessment of the specific situation in individual cases. We will be happy to advise you personally on your specific case. Contact your angel & Völkers real estate advisor, who is always happy to be there for you.

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