Burgdorf-Langenthal Region

Discover our free license area

Burgdorf-Langenthal Region

Discover our free license area

Free licence area: region of Burgdorf-Langenthal

Licence area Burgdorf-Langenthal – Facts & Figures

Burgdorf and Langenthal are the centres of the licence area so to speak. Engel & Völkers hopes to have a presence in this prime locations in future, with an estate agent here. With around 40,000 single family homes and freehold flats, the area has potential turnover of a good CHF 1.85 mil. in property sales alone. Due to the high rental percentage of almost 50%, there is also a great deal of potential to further increase turnover in the rental sector.

Engel & Völkers is already well represented in the surrounding regions, with locations in Bern and Solothurn. A further location in Burgdorf or Langenthal would have a positive influence on the cross-selling and supply system of Engel & Völkers in the Bern conurbation, and even nationally, which would in turn have a positive effect on their own turnover figures.

Are you interested in the property market in and around Burgdorf-Langenthal, and would you like to become part of the successful Engel & Völkers franchise system and write your own success story? Learn more about the licence region in the following article, and get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Frigo, Geschäftsführer Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz

Thomas Frigo

Managing Partner Master licence

Burgdorf – the town in Emmental

Embedded in rural Bernese Emmental is Burgdorf. However, the name is misleading, because Burgdorf [Dorf = village] is not a village, but a small town with over 16,000 inhabitants, and the Burg [town/castle] does not live up to the actual Castle Burgdorf, as the landmark of the town, by a long shot.

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Burgdorf © Stadtmarketing Burgdorf

Potential for development even in the property market

The property market in Emmental is currently characterised by a surplus. Here, the buyer interest is primarily concentrated on inexpensive single-family homes in locations such as Burgdorf, Langenthal and Langnau in Emmental, which have good public transport links and a contemporary infrastructure. In order for Burgdorf to remain an attractive residential and economic area in future, numerous investors who see potential in the town have started the latest development project Burgdorf 25. This name covers numerous important projects and developments, which will characterise the townscape and attractiveness of Burgdorf as a residential and economic location and destination for day trippers in the long-term.

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Burgdorf © Stadtmarketing Burgdorf

The most sought-after locations – Burgdorf, Langenthal and Langnau in Emmental

The Engel & Völkers licence area of Burgdorf-Langenthal reaches from Langenthal in the North to Schangnau in the South. Burgdorf, Langenthal and Langnau in Emmental are the most attractive municipalities.

Families feel particularly at home in these areas, due to the varied programme for culture, education, leisure, sport, support and district life.

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