Digital quick valuation

Free online property valuation

Digital quick valuation

Free online property valuation

Your free online property valuation

Would you like to have your property valued and put it up for sale for a profit? In that case, the right quotation price is crucial for speedy sales success. Find out the value of your house or apartment now – a free online service provided to you by the experts at Engel & Völkers.

How much is my property worth?

Find out in 3 easy steps.

What is the procedure of the quick no-cost valuation?

1. Describe your property
Our online property assessment provides you with an initial price assessment for your property on the basis of the information you have entered.

2. We’ll contact you shortly afterwards
Following your online property assessment, our property experts will get in touch with you for a more detailed assessment.

3. Non-binding on-site assessment
Our estate agents assess the value of your property for free and transparently on site and help you to determine the ideal asking price for your property.

4. We sell your property
Now Engel & Völkers can begin the selling process: if we have convinced you, we’ll be delighted to assist you in every step of the sale process and will expertly market your property in consultation with you.

Online property valuation or on-site valuation?

When you wish to sell your property, you have two options of determining the value:

Online – learn more now

If you are looking for initial, non-binding information and a point of reference point for your next steps, you can use the simple form for the online valuation. You just have to enter a few details and then you will receive your first information from us – free of charge and with no strings attached.

On-site valuation – individual and competent

If you would like exact information about the value and about your current sales opportunities on the property market, it’s worth arranging an on-site appointment with one of our property experts. This estimation is also free of charge and non-binding for you.

The factors we consider during the online property valuation

Important for you – the online property valuation from Engel & Völkers takes into account the following factors: 

1.     Property type

2.     Location

3.     Year of construction 

4.     Living area

These factors are compared with our database. This means that you don’t merely obtain a simple average value; you get a custom estimation of the value of your property depending on the respective characteristics. The “Confidence” value stated provides information about the exactness of the determined value, depending on the available properties for comparison.

Things that decrease and increase the value of your property

Apparent flaws and signs of wear are very obvious factors which drive down a property price. Here, there is a whole series of characteristics which can add value to your property, from affordable renovation plans to investments in restructuring, modernisations or architectural highlights.

Well-tended appearance. With simple renovation, professional cosmetic repairs, fresh wallpaper and new floor coverings, a property becomes more appealing to interested parties straight away. The same applies for any furniture, depending on whether you wish to offer your property furnished or unfurnished.

Renovation. Particularly when it comes to energy efficiency, renovated houses are in demand. But other weatherproofing measures are also well received by interested parties, as they bear witness to a well-cared-for property where the owner has taken steps to preserve the value.

Accessibility. Our society is changing – things that sounded quite exotic in the past are now expected in many places. Whether this is a stairlift, an accessible bath, wider hallways… all these things expand your pool of potential buyers.

Safety. From light sensors on the garage door to break-in protection on the cellar windows, not to mention the alarm system in the house, for many buyers, the safety aspect of their new property is very important.

Special features. Your property might impress because of its historical value or stand out thanks to highlights that you incorporated, such as a wine cellar, home cinema, home spa or studio space, many interested parties also appreciate properties with a particular layout, with a specific aesthetic or with certain features.

Our tips for the property sale

Property valuation FAQ

An online valuation is based on data and requires just a few clicks from you. It is free of charge and there are no strings attached, it offers you a first point of reference for determining the current value of your property.

The value of your property is compared online with an extensive database of properties which are currently under offer or which have already been sold. An online property estimation is therefore advised if you are just starting to consider selling. Perhaps you still want to think about it, and don’t need to complete a sale quickly.

The data speaks clearly and takes into account all the concrete factors such as location, year of construction, type of property – however, an on-site valuation by an expert is individually tailored and takes into account the details that an online form can’t ask about. This valuation is always very transparent. You can ask the property experts about prices and sales channels directly, and make the best decision for you.

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