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Security for a relaxed living experience: How to effectively protect your property

Knowing that your apartment, house or villa is protected from burglary and unauthorized access ensures a pleasant sense of security. When it comes to burglary protection, do you usually think of technical installations such as alarm systems and structural changes? This only touches on a part of the topic! Your personal behavior is also an essential aspect of burglary protection, which contributes to the security of your home and property. Your real estate agency at Engel & Völkers Switzerland has set itself the task of summarizing the most important security aspects for residential real estate in the following article.

- Sicherheit für Ihr Zuhause

Proper prevention ensures the safety of your home during your absence

Contrary to most assumptions, burglaries usually take place during the day. Burglars take advantage of the apparent absence of residents and access the property quickly and without causing much stir.

Right here is where you can already start to improve the intrusion protection of your property: Close all windows and doors completely before you leave home. Even a tilted window can be levered from the outside without damage, which is why the complete closure state is important. In addition, it is essential that you do not give the impression of a prolonged absence, that signals easy prey to burglars. A clean, well-maintained external condition of the property or occasionally on-light - such as a power-point outlet - suggests activity and in-habitation, making the property less attractive for criminal intent.

If you actually leave your house or apartment for a while, you should be discreet in favor of burglary protection. Inheriting only trustworthy people in your absence increases the security of your home. A public announcement of business travel or holiday trips, for example on the Internet, e.g. By publishing your holiday pictures via social media, is not advisable, because this way burglars can learn about your absence.

Burglary protection through stability: These installation options make sense for your property

Both during the construction phase of a new property, as well as in the context of subsequent retrofitting, the decision for security doors and windows is beneficial to the anti-burglary protection of the building. By choosing particularly impact-resistant and inflexible materials, you make it difficult for potential newcomers to access them, so they quickly give up their endeavor. Even unconventional access, such as cellar openings or ventilation shafts can be secured this way. By massive screwing and stable fittings forcible penetration, such as access with the crowbar, can be prevented.

A major weakness in the safety of your home can be the built locks. A simple Buntbartschloss, as it is occasionally still found on the back doors or apartment doors of older properties, is no obstacle to the burglar. It can be easily cracked using a lockpick or similar tool. Security locks with multiple locking levels or additional locking latches on the door, however, are significantly more difficult to open without the matching key and provide extended protection with low retrofitting costs.

Alarm systems and more. Innovations in the security industry.

With the right electronics for burglary protection you complete the security features of your home, your home or your villa. In recent years, the industry has been enriched with a series of innovations that now benefit the security of your property. Modern alarm systems detect not only movement, but also a change in the air mixture, selective sources of heat or unusual pressure on the building structure at violent entry. Such innovative triggering mechanisms significantly increase the reliability of the alarm systems and their safety against false alarms. You can control the digital devices with your smartphone to conveniently disable them when you enter your home or apartment. This feature also allows you to grant friends and relatives remote access to the property.

Security cameras can also be operated from the mobile device. If you place it in your garden or living room, you can always look at your home thanks to an Internet connection, even if you are abroad, for example. The recording feature in combination with cleverly placed shock illumination also helps to track burglary attempts and to hold intruders accountable.

Engel & Völkers Switzerland has been active as a real estate brokerage company for over 40 years. In addition to our extensive marketing and site expertise, we have also acquired elementary knowledge about the security of residential real estate during this time. The summarized info can be accessed in our real estate security guide. If you also have questions about burglary protection and security for your home, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer your questions and, if necessary, forward you to a trustworthy security company

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