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Our Market Price Evaluation (MPE): Transparency, Comparison and No Obligation

The real estate market is a dynamic and variable organism. When you decide to sell or rent your real estate, the first and most important step in achieving a successful result is to get a professional Market Price Evaluation (MPE) done.  An accurate evaluation will help you avoid the costly mistakes of offering your property under its real market value, as well “overshooting” the asking price – if the price is too high, potential buyers can ignoring your property, ultimately causing it to remain on the market for such a long time, that even new potential buyers will assuming that there must be something wrong with it and automatically skip over it.

In addition, the market value of your real estate changes over time; the old evaluation sitting in your drawer is likely of no use on the current market. If you decide to have your appraisal done by us, you will learn how much real estate like yours is currently being sold for. In addition, we will inform you of any possible weaknesses your property may have, allowing you to decide whether it is worth doing some remodeling or renovation work to raise the sales price.

Many different parties can offer to work an appraisal (MPE) out for you, some for a fee, and some free of charge. But how can you be sure that they will set the price in such a way that it will be attractive for the buyer, and, at the same time, ensure that you receive fair compensation for your property?

Rome Was Not Built in a Day 

When you decide to order an evaluation from our office, you need to expect that it will take between one to two weeks for us to prepare it.  Yes – that really is how long it takes to properly do the real estate and market analysis, and then put together your report. But if you do decide to have your property appraised elsewhere, you should definitely be aware of the key features of a quality market valuation.

 The report of your property’s market value should fulfill the following three criteria:

  • Transparency
  • Comparison
  • No obligation

TRANSPARENCY is the first and most important of the three hallmarks. The professional agent or evaluator should PERSONALLY present you with all the information regarding each of the aspects taken into consideration when working out the (MPE) evaluation report.


The second key factor is COMPARISON. Every quality real estate evaluation must present several comparable properties, ideally recently sold or being offered in the same area, and of similar size and quality. Such comparisons will give you a comprehensive picture of how your property can fare on the market against the competition.

The third criteria of a quality evalution should be NO OBLIGATION. No firm or party should push you to sign a document that entitling them to represent or offer your real estate on the market in exchange for working out a valuation report (MPE).

Our motto is COMPETENCE, EXCLUSIVITY, PASSION. And we can guarantee you that we will live up to our words to the letter - obligation and cost FREE.

So, what’s the next step? Well, that’s your decision to make.

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