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Fourth-graders collect donations for the E&V Charity

Every little helps

Children helping children: The 22 pupils in class 4a of Bardowick Primary School were learning about human rights in their lessons. This curriculum also covered subjects such as child labour and a lack of schooling in poor countries. The children were shocked and decided to take some action of their own. They organised a fundraising campaign and raised 283.42 euros. They then decided to donate this money to the E&V Charity primary school project. “I am extremely touched and grateful for this donation. It is impressive to see children at this young age getting involved in such a superb way,” said Ina Schlüter, Executive Director of the Engel & Völkers Charity e.V.

The pupils paid visits to local shops and business with collection tins, approached people on the street and even called out for support for their initiative on Facebook. They then researched various different charity projects in Africa including the E&V Primary School in Togo. They became aware of the project through Celina Cohrs. Her mother works at Engel & Völkers Commercial Hamburg and had told her about the E&V Charity.

On 28 May, the class proudly presented a cheque for 283.42 euros to Ina Schlüter who had paid them a visit to their primary school especially. “We are grateful for every single donation we receive,” she said.

For further information please contact: Ina.Schlueter@engelvoelkers.com
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