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That is why the real estate industry is the right choice for your franchise business

The convincing advantages of franchise models, in which independent entrepreneurs adapt the trademark rights and business model of an established system and in this way increase their potential for success, has established itself in more and more start-ups in recent decades - for many, franchising applies because of its low risk and high Sales opportunities even as the “royal road to independence”. Numerous franchise systems have now asserted themselves in many branches of the economy, from gastronomy to handicrafts, and promise new license partners attractive entry options. But which industry should you choose if you want to build a sustainable, profitable and high-growth franchise company? In this article, franchisor Engel & Völkers would like to introduce you to the advantages of the real estate franchise, which is enjoying growing popularity across Europe.

- Successful start into self-employment as a franchise entrepreneur in the real estate industry

Real estate is very popular: Build on a promising franchise industry

Houses, apartments, villas and other real estate are among the most fundamental and important groups of goods in our society. They meet the need for their own living space, provide security and offer space for one's own individual development. In addition, they are often among the most conspicuous prestige objects, especially in the upscale segment, that represent the status of their owners. They also serve an important purpose as commercial property or asset class for building up wealth. From this abundance of functions there is a continuous demand for real estate of all kinds, which - be it for sale or rental - represent a steady and profitable source of revenue. The persistently low interest rate level also has a positive effect on buying behavior on the market. Even in times of crisis, the real estate market, unlike many other sectors, is considered to be extremely economically stable, so that you as a franchisee are entering a low-risk industry. With the right license area and a sociable, committed way of working as well as some negotiating skills, you can look forward to a promising career as a real estate agent, in which you can benefit to the maximum from the advantages of franchising.

Franchising makes the broker business much easier in many European countries

Another reason that speaks in favor of using a franchise offer as a real estate agent becomes evident when looking at the competitive situation: in many countries, real estate agent activity is not one of the protected professional groups. An increased broker density is therefore to be expected, especially at locations with high transaction volumes. However, many of your competitors hardly stand out from one another in terms of their profile and range of products - here you have the opportunity to quickly secure important market shares thanks to the familiarity and proven concept of an established franchise brand and to acquire marketing orders more easily than the competition. However, the choice of the right franchisor is also crucial, as it will help you to enter the market perfectly with a high level of expertise and valuable assistance.

With franchisor Engel & Völkers you will become a successful real estate agent

Over 40 years of experience in real estate markets across 5 continents, an intuitive system platform with useful tools for real estate agents and the international reputation of our label make Engel & Völkers your ideal franchisor if you want to start your own business with the marketing of houses, apartments and properties. Our range of services for Engel & Völkers license partners includes all the important components that you need for a long-term, successful real estate brokerage career: While our continuously growing network of search customers, franchisees and third-party contacts offers you practical points of contact for your business, Engel & Völkers Academy Access to the latest training content, thanks to which you always work with the latest developments in the industry. With our high-quality corporate identity you give your new real estate shop that distinctive, unmistakable appearance that is connoted worldwide with first-class brokerage services in the premium segment - a decisive advantage in the competition.

Would you like to start an ambitious career as a real estate agent as a start-up and take advantage of the Engel & Völkers franchise system? You have the option of choosing one of our currently free license areas in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Spain or Switzerland. Even if you are already active as a real estate agent in one of these regions, we offer you to join our franchise network and benefit from our brand strength in the future. Our expansion team is looking forward to a first, non-binding appointment with you, during which we will present all facets of our offer as a franchisor. You can contact us at any time using our contact form!

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