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The ideal performance profile of a franchisor in the real estate franchise

An independent start-up business without background players quickly reaches its limits in terms of its development capacity. By choosing a franchise concept, you, as the founder, are presented with a dimension of new opportunities that is otherwise reserved for large corporations and corporations. The choice of the right franchisor is of great importance for the ultimate development potential, since not all franchisors offer the same service packages for their franchisees and hence face major differences in the quality of franchising. In this article, Engel & Völkers exemplifies the real estate franchise to convey how a franchise concept can be set up by the franchisor in order to benefit from all the advantages of the franchising principle.

How the right franchise concept increases the efficiency of your investment

In particular, when entering a real estate franchise system, you should choose a franchisor whose market shares largely determine the target market. The success of a franchise is always an indicator that its internal structure works and it is supported by a variety of existing, productive franchisees. By sticking to the "lead wolf" in the industry, you have the opportunity to build on its success directly - in most cases a sensible choice. Such a franchisor is characterized by a uniform, convincing corporate identity, high social prestige and a corresponding quality of its offer. Its network of franchisees covers large parts of the destination country or even has a presence in international real estate markets. All areas of his franchise concept bear witness to absolute professionalism - an indispensable benchmark for long-term success. But it is not only the success of a franchisor that is relevant for a constant, long-term franchising partnership, but also the range of services it offers to its franchisees.

These services define the ideal franchisor in the real estate industry

As a matter of principle, the franchisor should continuously support you as a franchisee in the development and further development of the business concept. Your investment in the form of the license fee or entry fee into the franchise system entitles you to such services. So make sure to discuss the level of support you expect from the franchisor even in the preliminary negotiation of the franchising contract, unless this has been explicitly clarified in advance. The ideal franchiser in the real estate franchise advises you on the financing setup, gives advice on how to refine your business plan, smoothly integrates your business into the existing franchisee network and provides you with all the relevant marketing and sales tools. Unlike the independent startup, you will receive assistance from an experienced partner right from the start, effectively introducing you and your business to the dynamic real estate franchise.

Even after your founding was successfully completed, your claim for support does not end: support should continue throughout the timeline of your license agreement. The franchisor runs positive, media-effective PR for you and the entire brand, continuously adapts the franchise strategy to current trends and economic conditions, and operates multimedia advertising - aspects that are particularly important for the real estate franchise. In addition, a good franchisor should provide a more in-depth training offer that can be used by both you as a franchisee and your employees. Through a systemic flow of information between franchisors and franchisees as well as between the franchisees, experiences can be exchanged, business cycles optimized and professional consultations carried out. Last but not least, it should also be ensured that all the brand's appearances on the social networks and on the franchise's website are kept up-to-date and the contact functions for the customer are maintained.

All these services would otherwise be hardly possible for an independent founder due to lack of capacity or only with the greatest effort itself, are some that you receive as a franchisee virtually inclusive to the franchise agreement, if you choose the right partner.

All the advantages, a franchisor: Engel & Völkers.

For a lasting and fruitful franchise partnership your satisfaction as a franchisee is just as important as the constant economic success of the cooperation. Hence why Engel & Völkers combines all the above-mentioned aspects in an exclusive service package for franchisees. You would like to start as an independent real estate broker with your own real estate shop and participate in the success of the globally successful brand Engel & Völkers? High-quality villas, houses and apartments as well as different architectural styles are your passion that you want to combine with your career ambitions? An independent, self-organized working method with considerable earnings potential corresponds to the ideas of your professional future?

- Exemplary real estate shop for franchisees within the Engel Voelkers real estate franchise

Then please contact us! We will inform you in detail about the Engel & Völkers franchise offer and discuss, taking into account your personal priorities, how you will become part of the Engel & Völkers success story. Give us a call or send an email - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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