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The industry of Franchising: The royal road to start-up success

Franchise concepts have prevailed across the industry in international competition. Whether in the hotel industry, the fast food industry, the car rental or the real estate industry: A large number of companies with a high market share enjoy great success thanks to franchising. Their distribution networks, consisting of independent franchisees, combine a unified offering, a concise brand message, and a cooperative, flexible structure that provides significant economic benefits to both the franchisor and the franchisee. In the following article, Engel & Völkers introduces the principle of franchising and describes why it is the best choice for startups.

Founding as a franchisee: your business, your freedom

In principle, as a license partner of a higher-level franchisor, you are the independent manager of your newly founded company despite brand loyalty. You have the option of freely disposing of the location of your branch, your staff and your internal work organization, such as working time arrangements, as long as you comply with the terms of the franchise agreement. There are no limits to the sales potential of your company on the market. The already well-known range of products as well as the established brand of the franchisor make it unnecessary to build up your own customer base. Even at the opening, you benefit from the market strength of the entire network, so that the turnover in the start-up phase compared to a conventional start-up is significantly greater. The royalties that are paid to the franchisor in return, usually take a much lower position, so that investing in a franchise operation becomes economically profitable even after a very short time.

- Successful start into self-employment as a franchise entrepreneur in the real estate industry

Startup support for franchisees provides universal benefits

Once the license agreement has been signed with your desired franchise company and the start-up process of your business has been initiated, the franchisor's support begins. For the opening of your sales location, you will receive a uniform package that is adapted to the franchisor's corporate identity and clearly identifies you as part of the franchise business and creates a pleasant atmosphere. You also get immediate access to further marketing material, such as a franchise website, flyers and brochures, advertising layouts and internal statistics. Hence in comparison to the conventional foundation, not only does the cost and capacity for the development of all these tools disappear, but your temporal quotas remain available for other aspects of the operation.

Long-term support distinguishes franchising partnership

Even after completing the start-up phase as a franchisee, you are still entitled to benefits from the franchisor. For example, to keep the offer, appearance and structure of the franchise network up-to-date and thus competitive at all times, the franchisor is constantly developing these aspects and making regular updates available to the franchisee. Further education, seminars and trainings for the franchisee and his employees are part of this form of continuous support. In this way, franchisees are safe from losing the economic connection within their industry and have at all times only the current standards that are necessary for perspective success.

Engel & Völkers: Renowned real estate franchise across four continents

The real estate franchise at Engel & Völkers proves that a franchise concept can celebrate international and industry-independent successes. The real estate shops of our license partners specialize in the marketing of high-quality real estate - from the villa in Mallorca to a penthouse apartment in Frankfurt am Main to a single-family home in California. Get one of our exclusive license areas where, as the manager of your Engel & Völkers real estate shops, you benefit from our offer as a franchisor. Make use of our real estate agency network, which is an essential, global network of contacts. Thanks to our proprietary system platform we can work with groundbreaking real estate broker software and use the brand awareness for efficient customer acquisition and object marketing. In addition, you have the opportunity to stay up to date about industry developments or to undertake professional training as part of the Engel & Völkers Academy.

The Real Estate Franchise Concept by Engel & Völkers: Your commitment and our market strength are the key to mutual success. Convince yourself of the flexibility and profitability of our model - we are happy to inform you personally about our offers. Call us or send an email. We look forward to you!

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