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Benefit from the know-how of our real estate agents when selling your property

You want to sell your property in Germany and are faced with the decision to either market your property on your own or hire a real estate agent? Then read on. Find out about the advantages of entrusting an experienced real estate broker such as Engel & Völkers Deutschland with the sale of your house, apartment, villa or condominium and the risks that real estate owners are exposed to in their own marketing in Germany.

Why Engel & Völkers?

Engel & Völkers Germany has been active in the sale of real estate for over 40 years, specializing in the upmarket segment and being the winning recipient of several awards. Engel & Völkers real estate agents now serve their customers on four continents and 800 locations in all matters relating to the sale of their real estate. In Germany, our real estate agents are represented in all federal states and at around 270 residential property shops. Thanks to this nationwide presence and the unique Engel & Völkers network, we have an international and solvent clientele of active search customers to whom we can offer your property in Germany in a targeted manner. Of course, our real estate agents are always at your disposal for any questions and accompany you step by step through the sale process of your property.

How does Engel & Völkers Germany market your property?

In order to show you what service you expect when selling your property at Engel & Völkers Germany, our real estate agents have put together the marketing process in a brief overview. First, we get to know your sales concerns and your property in a personal consultation and determine their market value, free of charge and without obligation. Afterwards our estate agents at Engel & Völkers Germany will take care of the customer acquisition. Our worldwide partner network is an important part of the marketing. Thanks to networking with our partners, our real estate agents can quickly select suitable prospects from the group of our active search clients and present your property for sale to them. If no suitable buyer can be found here, we increase the sphere of activity and publish your apartment, your house or your villa across different channels. Professional pictures and the creation of a high-quality Exposés - on request in different languages - showcase the advantages of your property and increase your chances on a satisfactory selling price. Then our estate agents of Engel & Völkers Germany arrange viewing appointments and carry them through. The interested parties are looked after excellently by one of our sales experts, who will answer all questions about your property expertly and conduct the sales negotiations. If a suitable prospect for your property has been found, we arrange an emergency appointment and lead the sale to a successful conclusion with the signing of the purchase contract. This way Engel & Völkers Germany guarantees the best support for the sale of your property.

Which risks does the self-marketing of your property potentially hold

At the beginning of a real estate sale lies the assessment of the market value of your property. This is the basis for all further sales negotiations and carries risk potential, because the selling price is often set too high or too low. In both cases, this will negatively affect your concern to get the best possible price for your property. Too low of a price leads to financial losses, too high of a selling price could mean that the search for a suitable buyer will extend over a very long time. The real estate agents of Engel & Völkers Germany use, among other things, market data analysis, land values and target group analyzes for an adequate market value determination. In addition, property owners often underestimate the amount of time they spend on appointment scheduling and viewing appointments with prospective buyers. In addition to the email traffic or telephone calls for appointment coordination, you should be able to answer any questions about your property. The stress factor of selling a villa, a house or a flat independently while not neglecting the daily and professional duties is not to be underestimated. Ultimately, the appointment of an experienced real estate broker like Engel & Völkers Germany saves you time and money and helps you avoid legal and financial pitfalls.

Do you have anymore questions? The real estate agents of Engel & Völkers Germany will be pleased to advise you in one of our residential real estate shops in your area. We are looking forward to your visit. Take a look at our portfolio. Here is a first overview of the real estate that Engel & Völkers Germany currently offers for sale.

- Our real estate agents in Germany accompany you during the sale of your property
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We know the true value of your property

Do you know how much your property is currently worth? No matter if you just want to inform yourself about the current market-price, or if you wish to sell your property for the best price: our experienced marketing experts are happy to assist you with a free and non-binding valuation.