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Property in the HafenCity - Use the potential of this district

Apartments in the HafenCity with its modern lifestyle are particularly attractive in terms of sales

Hamburg's reputation as a major city in overseas and domestic trade is based in the Freihafen close to the old town on the Elbe, where countless goods have been loaded onto merchant ships for centuries. The port facilities of the former island of Grasbrook played an important role, yet were no longer sufficient in their capacities for the ever-increasing ships and cargoes over the course of the 20th century. The port area has been relocated, and on the grounds of the former docks and storage halls, the largest urban development project in Europe has been created since the turn of the century: HafenCity. Join Engel & Völkers for a walk through this exclusive district and learn more about selling and renting real estate in the HafenCity.

Known as an official district of Hamburg since 2008, the HafenCity has developed into a "New Downtown": Surrounded by Elbe channels all around, a new economic, cultural and social city center has been created, where modern real estate and architecture is of world importance for the Hamburg lifestyle of the 21st century. Century. Exclusive apartments, flats and multi-party buildings are interchanging here with modern office complexes - a setting that appeals to the trend-conscious, successful buyer. Those who live in one of the local properties choose an exclusive life at the pulse of the times. Cosmopolitan, chic and modern: the lifestyle in the HafenCity fascinates and increases your sales opportunities. Also the potential to rent apartments is high. Creating new principles, instead of following old ones: this is the way of the HafenCity.

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Life by and on the water - trump of HafenCity for the sale of real estate

What makes HafenCity so special as a location for an apartment? Water has always attracted people. How perfectly human habitat blurs with the watercourses of the Elbe is astonishing: The geographical nature of the HafenCity area requires a relatively dense cultivation. Nevertheless, the architects succeeded in making the HafenCity not seem too overcrowded. A quarter of the land area was designed from the outset as a public space, which manifests itself in parks, playgrounds and promenades. For Leading by the example of the Magellan terraces - well-named after the great sailor and explorer Ferdinand Magellan - the successful implementation of the concept becomes clear. In tiered levels, the terraces lead to the Elbe below trees and modern, artistic steel constructions, which is architecturally centralized. A wonderful place to relax, meet and enjoy.

Places like these are characteristic of the HafenCity. At various corners, the character of the former harbor was skilfully transformed into a contemporary, unconventional cityscape, which makes this location in Hamburg unique in terms of real estate sales.

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HafenCity: life, culture, innovation and high-quality real estate

Thanks to its proximity to Hamburg's old town and other central districts, everyday life in a HafenCity apartment is convenient and comfortable. All shopping facilities for the daily needs, health and leisure and education facilities are open to the residents. For this purpose, either the connection to the Hamburg subway network or one of the numerous connecting streets to other parts of the city can be used. But there is also an excellent infrastructure in the HafenCity itself. The Katharinen-Grundschule has been opened since 2008, which also houses a children's day-care center. Typical for the innovative character of HafenCity: The school yard was set up on the roof of the building. Furthermore, HafenCity University is located between the Übersee-Allee and the Baakenhafen, where the focus is on planning, architecture and civil engineering.

The cultural importance of different HafenCity facilities, above all their most prestigious building, the Elbphilharmonie, should not be ignored. It was built on the facade of the former emperor's warehouse in the west of the HafenCity. It was officially opened on January 11 2017 and is one of the most important cultural monuments in Hamburg. The Elbphilharmonie is a concert hall and hotel in one - an example of the fusion of classical harbor elements and modern architecture. One can even live in the Elbphilharmonie: the building includes some of the most sought-after condo apartments of the HafenCity, which guarantees a unique living experience up close with the cruise ships on the Elbe.

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The real estate situation in the HafenCity

Due to the structural conditions and limited space available in the HafenCity, the real estate offer is dominated mostly by apartments here. Due to the exclusive location close to the Elbe, the modern architecture styles and the fresh building materials, the sales are met at high demand for real estate. Finding a suitable buyer or tenant for your property in the HafenCity is therefore easy. Particularly in such popular districts the determination of appropriate sales or rental rates is indispensable. The square meter prices for the sale of condominiums scale, depending on location and type, is between 6,000 and 10,000 euros. Luxury properties in a good location can be advertised with up to 20,000 euros per square meter. Particularly popular - and correspondingly expensive - are apartments with a view of the Elbe, which promise North German Romanticism par excellence. With our many years of experience in selling and renting apartments, Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe will gladly determine the current value of your property in order to derive the amount of rental fees and deposits. In the following steps, we will create a comprehensive marketing concept for your property in order to place it on the market online and offline.

Did you enjoy the little walk through the HafenCity? You are more than welcome to get a more detailed impression by looking at our range of high quality properties in HafenCity. We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation about your real estate concern!

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