Engel & Völkers House viewing tips

House viewing tips

The house viewing is certainly one of the most important phases when buying and selling a house. For prospective buyers, it provides the opportunity to get an accurate impression of the property, while giving the owner the opportunity to find the right buyer. It is therefore all the more important that this part of the property sale is carefully prepared and carried out. In the following we therefore explain the most important aspects of a house viewing and what buyers and sellers need to be aware of.

1. Types of house viewing

There are basically two classic types of house viewings: individual house viewings and so-called mass viewings, which are often referred to as open house viewings. These terms already indicate the difference between them: while only one interested party inspects the property during an individual house viewing, several interested parties are present during an open house viewing. In both cases, the house viewing should be accompanied by a well-trained real estate agent who is able to answer important questions from potential buyers. 

In addition to these two classic house viewing options, Engel & Völkers can also market the property completely digitally. For this purpose, the property is first completely scanned using a 360° camera. This data is used to create a virtual image of the house or apartment, which interested parties can then view online. Especially in times when the corona crisis is affecting property prices and the usual marketing procedures, virtual property viewing is the ideal house sale solution.

2. The house viewing procedure

There is no fixed specification as to how a house viewing for house sale purposes is to be carried out. One question that owners often ask themselves, however, is whether the house viewing should be carried out by themselves or by a real estate agent. There are several reasons why we advise you to leave the house viewing in the hands of an expert: firstly, buyers and sellers look at the property from a fundamentally different perspective. The owner, who has been living on the property for years, is most certainly very fond of the property and has thus formed an emotional bond with the property. Buyers, on the other hand, look at a property primarily in terms of potential defects or additional costs that could be incurred as a result of possible renovation work. It is therefore advisable to leave the house viewing entirely to a neutral mediator. The real estate agent will guide interested parties through all areas of the property and can also answer questions that go beyond the features of the actual property - for example, questions about the local market and real estate performance or planned future development in the neighbourhood.

3. House viewing: Checklist for sellers

Even if you are not present during the house viewing, you can still influence its success. You should take the following measures when preparing an upcoming house viewing:

Clean up✓

Tidying up is the most important thing we can do before each house viewing. The property should first be thoroughly cleaned and tidied. Besides the obligatory vacuuming and wiping, you should also remember to clean the windows. Clothing, children's toys and other household items that are not part of the central furnishings should be stowed away. Your garden and the front door area should also look well-tended

Carry out minor repair work✓

Whether it's worn wallpaper, a broken power strip or a scratch on the door frame - no property is flawless. However, minor defects should be repaired before the house viewing in order to give potential buyers an impression of the well-kept condition of the property. Such renovation work can also have a positive impact on the sales price.  


A certain amount of tasteful decoration can help to positively influence the mood of interested parties during the house viewing. Strategically placed flower bouquets or decorative cushions can bring the desired effect. But don’t overdo it! After all, the buyer should be able to imagine what it is like to live in the property during the house viewing without being distracted by decorative elements.

4. House viewing: Checklist for buyers

For most people, buying property is the biggest investment in their lives. This makes it all the more important to be prepared accordingly for the house viewing. These tips will help you:

Define must-haves✓

Before the house viewing, consider which features your future property should have. Don’t just consider your current life situation, but think long-term. Will you need children's rooms in the future? Do you want to start your own business and therefore need a separate room for working at home? Do you really need a modern heating system? Based on these and similar questions, compile a list of what you would like to check during the house viewing.

Examine the structural condition✓ 

Moving to a new home can often be quite stressful. Therefore, you should assess during the house viewing what further modernisation measures or repairs could be required. Do the ceilings need to be repainted? What about the baseboards in the rooms? Do the floors need to be replaced or repaired? Possibly the current owner will do some of this work before selling the property. However, all this must be clarified beforehand. 

Envisage what the property would look like if you were living there✓

The interior design gives your home its very own charm and makes it unique. Therefore, try to imagine during the house viewing how you would furnish the individual rooms. Take into account factors such as the ceiling height, the size of the windows, the arrangement of the rooms and their layout. If, when viewing the property, you can imagine how you would furnish it, this is a good sign that you may have found the ideal property.   

House viewing tips: Ask the right questions as a buyer

During the house viewing, buyers have the opportunity to ask the real estate agent important questions. Some things you can check out yourself. We have compiled some of the most important points for you in the following:

  • Are there enough sockets?
  • What are the transport links?
  • Are there enough shops for daily needs in the vicinity?
  • Which direction do certain rooms such as the bedroom face?
  • Are there enough parking spaces?
  • How high are the additional costs or operating costs? 
  • Are there any building measures planned in the vicinity that could, for example, restrict the view from the balcony in the future?

Find your dream property!

5. Find the right property now

The house viewing is a crucial phase during the sale of a house - both for the buyer and the owner. To ensure that the house viewing is professional, transparent and therefore satisfactory for both parties, such an appointment should definitely be carried out by an experienced real estate agent. Engel & Völkers supports you with unique expertise and comprehensive market knowledge. Contact us - we look forward to your inquiry!

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