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Dubai: The best place for real estate professionals and investors

An Interview with Mohab Samak, Managing Director Development Services Dubai

Mohab Samak is the Managing Director of Development Services Dubai. To date, Dubai provides invaluable real estate investment opportunities, characterised by high quality real estate and competitive square feet prices. Investing in real estate in Dubai has therefore proven to be lucrative for customers and investors alike. Engel & Völkers Development Services Dubai offers outstanding services and is thus the primary address for anyone interested in new development projects in Dubai. Excellent support and consultancy is provided to developers at various stages of the project, including sales consultancy, the definition of a marketing strategy, administrative management and project management. In his video and interview below, Mohab Samak highlights the benefits of Dubai for real estate investors and summarises the core values of their business division.

Since you have been Managing Director of Development Services Dubai, you have been immensely successful in the field of selling new developments to local and especially international clients. Where do you believe your recipe for success lies?

We believe in consultancy and providing value-added services to all stakeholders, whether project owners, buyers, or investors - creating a win-win situation.

You currently have a number of projects, which have been marketed to international clients and investors - one example being Emaar Beachfront. In your opinion, what is special about Emaar Beachfront and why is it so suitable for international investors?

First of all, the per sqft rate versus similar projects worldwide is very competitive, considering its superior quality. Additionally, the expected return on investment and capital gain due to increased demand for beachfront living, especially coming from European buyers, is impressive, making it a very lucrative investment. 

- Emaar Beachfront Dubai Engel & Völkers Development Services

Dubai is a dynamic and versatile buyers market, with vast potential for real estate investors. What would you recommend to those interested in investing in new developments in Dubai?

Stick to basics; if you are investing, you need to buy a property with the highest value for money. It should have the best possible views, best liquidation chances and avoid falling into the ultra-luxury trap. Choose the right developer, location, and best payment plan.

As Managing Director of Engel & Völkers Development Services Dubai you have a very special insight into how your team works and how you collaborate with developers. How do the services you offer to developers differ from those of your competitors?

We rely on trust, accuracy, and transparency of information on both sides between developers and our clients. We provide insight into the top assets in demand by each client type and the source of leads for each community and project. This helps us determine the marketing and sales activities. We also use our brand image for worldwide exposure as 80% of Dubai investors are international buyers. 

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