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Information – holiday rentals in Mallorca

The rental department of Engel & Völkers Mallorca North markets both long-term and short-stay tourist rentals. With the knowledge gained through many years of experience in the market on Mallorca we are able provide a high level of service. Our portfolio includes villas, houses and high standing apartments in very good locations.

The latest changes to the Tourism Law on the Balearics have created a lot of uncertainty amongst owners. To clarify the situation we would like to share some general information as well as some useful details and to outline the process of obtaining a tourist rental license.

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General information regarding the commercialisation of tourist stays

By law the person commercialising tourist stays must meet all the requirements that this activity requires, including: employment laws in the case of having hired personnel, tax requirements including VAT and the Eco tax. Also in line with public safety regulations, they are required to submit to the authorities the identities, age, nationality, sex, and dates of stay for each person staying in the property being commercialised.

The users of tourist accommodation must comply with the rules of coexistence and public order, as well as complying with the internal community rules of accommodation that is within a complex or apartment block. If there is, non-compliance by the user the person commercialising the rental must oblige the client to leave the accommodation within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Commercialised tourist stay properties must consist in the temporary rental use of the complete property (that is every room should be available for use) for short periods, be it days or weeks, without exceeding one month. Tourist stays are not permissible in a property (single family home) where other tenants are staying.

Tourist services are obligatory, along with the other requirements determined by the rules governing the activity of tourist rentals.

1.    Cleaning before entry and during the stay.
2.    Supply of bed linen, towels, general house equipment and replacement.
3.    Maintenance of the property.
4.    Any other requirement according to the regulations.

- Holiday zoning in Alcudia

Click on map to see holiday zoning in Alcudia.

What you will need to obtain the tourist license

1.    Verify that the property complies with the requirements demanded by the regulations and have all the essential documentation in place.

·    Between 1 and 5 people: 1 bathroom
·    Between 6 and 8 people: 2 bathrooms
·    Between 9 and 11 people: 3 bathrooms
·    12 people: 4 bathrooms

2.    That the accommodation is located in a qualified area.

  Be free of serious urban sanctions or infringements.

4.    The property must be at least 5 years old; the age must be accredited with documentation, either the declaration of the building work, the first occupation certificate (cedula de habitabilidad) or by means of an urban certificate issued by the local town hall for this purpose.

5.    The first occupation certificate (cedula de habitabilidad) must be valid (they are valid for 10 years).

6.    Valid energy certificate with the following minimum rating (also valid for 10 years).

·    F rating in buildings built before 21/12/2007
·    D rating in buildings built after 01/01/2008

7.    Individual meters for each household supply, e.g. electricity, gas, gas oil and water.

8.    Civil liability insurance for bodily or material damage caused by the users of the rental property including cover for damage to communal property (i.e. in a block of flats).

9.    Verify that the property is not within protected rustic land.

10.    Verify that the property is not and has never been categorised as subsidised or price-controlled housing.

11.    The dwellings located in high fire risk areas must take the planned preventative measures.

12.    New: It will be possible to commercialise the main family home, independently of its type, either single-family or multi-family under the modality "rent of first residence" for a maximum period of 60 days per year fulfilling the same requirements and previous obligations as well as proof that the dwelling is your principal residence. There are restrictions on the months that can be rented.

13.    Applications for the short stay rental license of apartments or complexes with a community of owners is possible as long as the building statutes state that short stay rentals are permitted.

14.    The license authorises the activity for a period of five years. To extend the license, it will be necessary to prove that the home continues to meet all the requirements and that it continues to be the main home of the person commercialising the property.

15.    Acquisition of tourist places

a.    An application for the acquisition of tourist places must show your tax identification data, the number of places required.

b.    With respect to the number of places required for the commencement of the activity, increase in number or reopening, you must abide by the terms of articles 88 and 90 of law 8/2012.

c.    Once the documentation submitted has been reviewed, the managing body will issue the corresponding settlement with the amount to be paid in to the bank account of the issuing body. Payment in instalments may be accepted, under the conditions to be agreed.

d.    Upon receipt of the stated amount, the license shall be issued.


Single family homes – 3.500€ per person, that can be paid in quotas over 5 years. That is 700€ per person per year.

Multifamily homes (e.g. apartments) – 875 € per person over 5 years (cancelled after 5 years) or 175€ per person per year.

Main residence (only 60 days permitted) 291€ per person over 5 years or 58,33€ per person per year.


Single family home with beds for 8 people would cost 5.600€ per year (3.500x8=28.000 in 5 years).

Apartment with beds for four people would cost 700€ per year (175x4=700)

More information about holiday rentals (source: Consell de Mallorca)

Mallorca map specifying residential and touristic areas (source: Consell de Mallorca)

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