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A pool is a great feature to increase the value of a house

The number of private swimming pools continues to increase in France: it went from one million in 2000 to one and a half million in 2007 and reached two million in 2012. As the largest European market in this industry and the second largest in the world behind the United States, Molière's country is an ideal home for pool lovers whose lives seem to flow like a long calm river. Propelled by the heat wave that occurred in the 2000s, the added value of a house or a villa equipped with a pool is now in constant growth and attracts more and more investors, especially in the sunny regions of the South of France, like the Côte d'Azur or Provence.

Despite a significant financial investment, the short and medium-term benefits always convince more individuals to take the plunge. In fact, 40% of French people dream of having a pool in their garden! A serious and well thought-through project can lead to considerable profits in the lease or resale of the property, so long as it is suitable for the land. Continue reading for additional information.

Your house can gain real added value

Potential buyers looking for a real estate property are often enthralled by a general atmosphere and the ability to project themselves during a viewing, which is commonly referred to as "love at first sight". A swimming pool in the garden enhances this alluring environment. Indeed, it remains a luxury item, even if the democratisation trend is happening. Thus, it contributes greatly to the potential buyer's future home and reinforces their feeling of satisfaction, prior to any sale.

This intuitive observation can be verified by the figures. A differential of 5 to 20% has been found on the price of a house equipped with a pool compared to others with equal assets! On the Côte d'Azur and in Provence especially, swimming pools have become essential as their presence impacts the selling price of houses. If the regional climate plays a very important part in adding value, other criteria come into play. The quality of safety equipment as well as the option of covering and heating the pool sometimes justify real differences.

Sufficiently flat enough land, well oriented and devoid of tall vegetation can also increase the selling price of a house or villa, provided it is buildable and large enough to accommodate a pool. But moreover, an already installed swimming pool acts as a real catalyst in the sale of the house.

Costs vary depending on your house

In recent years, the price of installing a swimming pool has become more and more affordable. You can now enjoy the pleasures of having a swimming pool, including its maintenance costs, for the price of a car. Nowadays, many options are available: the above ground swimming pool, priced at around 1,500 euros, the monohull polyester structure at 20,000 euros and more that needs to be built by a professional and the middle range model to dig and to assemble yourself.

The equipment represents a significant cost for the investor. The pump, skimmer, disinfectants or filters are essential to keep the pool in good condition. Safety tools and the protective lip, if they are not always mandatory, are necessary, especially in the case of a rental. For all this equipment, you have to plan to spend between 2,000 to 10,000 euros, sometimes more with the installation of a heating solution.

Finally, operating and maintenance costs, including insurance and a possible surplus of housing tax are to be added on a case by case basis, depending on local legislation and the size of the pool (usually between 500 and 3,000 euros). The renewal of accessories (pump, filters and liner) should also be taken into account in the overall budget for the pool.

For exceptional villas or houses with luxurious pools, equipped with the latest accessories such as a robot cleaner or spotlights illuminating the waters at night, prices can soar and therefore so does the overall price of the property. Professionals recommend spreading the cost over long periods to get a clear idea of ​​their impact. Surprisingly, it represents between 80 and 200 euros per month, which seems rather low.

An enhanced house

For a seasonal rental or a sale of a property in Provence or on the Côte d'Azur, being equipped with a pool is a very strong asset. So, how to showcase it during viewings?

Safety: families on vacation seek comfort but also safety for their children. A safety barrier or a sliding protective shutter is a strong rental advantage that will allow visitors to imagine themselves in the property without the fear of an accident;

Visibility: the pool should be the jewel in the green setting of the property. Be sure to maintain it regularly and present it at its best on the day of the viewing. Clear and clean water should make the future tenants want to dive in without hesitation;

Enhancement: a few cleverly arranged potted plants, long deck chairs covered with towels calling for idleness and soft lighting: these are some avenues to explore to brighten the pool and once again, allow visitors to imagine themselves living in the property!

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