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An ecological house for more comfort

A healthy and environmentally friendly hom

An eco-house allows it to be supplied with energy that is respectful of the environment and equipped with non-chemical materials. From this premise, living in an ecological house also allows you to take care of your health by eliminating any contact with harmful materials. 
In addition to scandals caused by the presence of lead and asbestos in homes that greatly increase the risk of cancer, many interior paints, as well as industrial furniture components contain multiple toxic substances. Favouring environmentally friendly paints and materials helps to limit indoor air pollution in a home. 
Moreover, current standards are gradually moving towards the removal of certain polluting materials and sources of energy. In order to anticipate the compliance of these homes, it is necessary to progressively make these improvements for a greener home so that it retains its value and also provides greater levels of comfort.

An undeniable added value in prestigious real estate 

Investing in high-end real estate is primarily to be forward-thinking and above all aware of the needs and demands of tomorrow concerning the comfort required in housing. Today the transition to a greener and more sustainable way of living is no longer a wish but a necessity relayed every day in the various media. Houses must, therefore, also meet this requirement by choosing environmentally friendly and non-polluting materials such as wood. 
Renewable energies are gradually becoming more popular in the luxury real estate market. Developers and homeowners are, for example, choosing low-energy appliances or opting to supply electricity from solar or wind energy. 
In the luxury real estate sector, it is, therefore, a requirement that housing is equipped with the latest innovations in terms of low energy consumption and renewable energy. Luxury today means enjoying an undeniable comfort while respecting nature and its own health. 

An real estate investment with quick returns 

Renovating your home with the latest innovations in terms of ecology is a relatively straightforward investment that will become profitable very quickly at the moment. With the gradual disappearance of fossil fuels, non-renewable energies are seeing their prices rise as their scarcity is felt. The research is clear: investing in renewable energy will eventually become cheaper than continuing to use fossil fuels that will soon disappear. 

Solar and wind energy are now the most accessible renewable energies to power homes. The installation of photovoltaic panels and/or the installation of wind turbines, allows the home to enjoy a semi-complete autonomy from energy suppliers while respecting the environment.

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