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Buying an apartment in Paris: investing in sustainable real estate

Haussmann greatly contributed into making Paris the most beautiful city in the world. However, it should now become the one where the air is breathable and where people would want to invest and buy an apartment.

Large Parisian apartments, mouldings and carriage gates represent the core of the real estate demand in Paris. However, future owners are also looking for a more healthy living environment, closer to green spaces and nature. The purchase of an apartment is influenced by the neighbourhood, the surroundings and the general setting it offers.

Made with plant walls and eco-friendly neighbourhoods, the new Parisian real estate is becoming greener than ever.

Increased vegetation in Parisian real estate and eco-responsible initiatives

In early 2018, the Paris municipality voted for a new biodiversity plan that is about to do a revolution in the Paris real estate market, its districts and its environment. The ambitious plan promotes the introduction of 100 hectares of roofs and plant walls, the plantation of no less than 20,000 trees and the opening of 30 hectares of green space available for the public.

Real estate projects in Paris and the erection of new apartments do now come with environmental challenges. The capital claims for a social and responsible real estate where the purchase of an apartment is paired with respect for the environment. Since the beginning of 2018, more than 8000 trees have already been planted and 13 hectares of green space has already been opened to the population.

Parisian real estate now embraces this green revolution. Buildings are now covered with green roofs and wrapped with plant walls. A more natural and environmentally-friendly lifestyle is developing, especially with solar panels and green spaces that are making up the new Parisian real estate scene. 
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Real estate in Paris is being renewed with solar panels

Green real estate sparks the interest of many actors in urban planning and real estate in Paris. Protagonists such as developers, start-ups and associations, have a strong interest in Parisian real estate as they see its renewal as a strong opportunity.

In 2018, Bouygues Immobilier signed the ‘Objectif 100 hectares’ charter with the ‘Ville de Paris’ (City of Paris) and became a partner for a greener city. This is a way for this property developer to encourage the purchase of apartments by offering services that combine ecological and innovative solutions. The neighbourhoods are completely redesigned, mixing ‘raw’ facades, green roofs and green spaces.

By contributing to the evolution of real estate in Paris, important developers attract a new population of buyers who had previously rejected the idea of ​​investing in the capital for more green provinces.

Could Paris be the new ‘Garden of Eden’? Walls of vegetation, green spaces and eco-friendly neighbourhoods are gradually appearing in the Paris real estate. Major construction work has begun on the site of the former hospital of the ‘AP-HP’ (‘Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris’), ‘avenue Denfert Rochereau’. The project will build more than 600 ecological properties and a green space of 4000 square meters with an urban vegetable garden.
Dressed with climbing plants, the buildings blend in with a green decor and the bus stops are adorned with grass mats.

As an area of innovation and technology, green real estate offers unique services that compete with the classical heritage. Eco-friendly irrigation systems, the latest generation thermal insulation and solar panels are elements that are favorable when purchasing an apartment.

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Investing in real estate in Paris: a green capital with ‘sustainable’ real estate assets

2018 saw a decline in the sales of new build apartments, however the demand remains strong with more than 83,481 new homes sold in the last 9 months of 2018. The growing green initiatives in Parisian real estate will encourage this evolution for the current year and the next ones. The expansion of new eco-neighbourhoods supports this investment and enhances the existing housing stock.

Paris is a dream destination for tourists and foreigners, but it is also a city strongly criticised by its own population. Noise nuisance, pollution and unfit housing are issues that could find an answer or solution through the revegetation of the capital.
Parisian real estate is responding to those concerns by offering green solutions. The purchase of an apartment is rarely done against the environmental beliefs of the buyers. A strong respect for the environment and ‘green’ housing have almost become prerequisites for buyers wishing to invest in real estate in Paris.

The vegetation of the capital is a response to urban dwellers and neo-urbans wishing to enjoy the benefits of the capital without its inconveniences. The purchase of an apartment in Paris must be part of a contemporary way of life for a smooth and streamlined transition.

The city of Paris already has 1277 projects completed: hives, parks and other scientific experiments have found a new home in the capital.
It is an idyllic setting, where calm and well-being reign thanks to the silent and alternative public transportation. The environment is friendly and hospitable, with neighbours meeting around the shared kitchen garden. Real estate in Paris is aligned with the demand of conscientious buyers who want to combine comfort and ecology. The opportunity is now to consider buying an apartment in Paris in order to acquire a sustainable asset in the heart of a green capital.

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