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Co-working in Paris: an alternative to working from home space

The origins of co-working

With the rise of independent professions and teleworking, many Parisians are looking for calm and friendly places as an alternative to working from home. Libraries are crowded and more conducive to study, and if staying at home can be beneficial, it is also difficult to remain productive and to separate one's private life from one's professional life without leaving one's home during the day. 

This observation has led to the birth of co-working in Paris, a concept which arose from trends already present in Nordic and Germanic countries. Recently, some Parisian cafes have started to offer quiet and comfortable environments to make it possible for employees to network and forge links with each other, to relax and to find a rhythm of work without using a traditional office, which is often too expensive for modest start-ups.

- Engel & Völkers Paris - Co-Working - Crédit photo : Haldane Martin

The 6 best places to do co-working

- Among the pioneers of co-working are establishments such as the Mutinerie, at 29 rue de Meaux, which can accommodate up to 60 people within its premises, with discreet corners that are perfect for those who wish to work quietly without being disturbed. 

The Tank, at 22 bis, rue des Taillandiers, is much more modest, but its intimate and relaxed atmosphere is very pleasant. There is also a well-stocked reading room with books and magazines.

- The Hubsy Café, located at 41 rue Réaumur, stands out for its warm atmosphere and its spacious rooms, with very comfortable armchairs and sofas, plants, a library and so on.

- La Ruche, at 84 Quai de Jemmapes, focuses on the transparency of its coworkers and specialises in human relations, trying to create a feeling of team spirit and to forge links between regular employees of the place.

Café Craft, 24 rue des Vinaigriers, is a well-known establishment of freelance workers who appreciate its design and elegance, as well as its food service.

- Finally, the Lawomatic, 20 rue Jean-Moinon, which now has many regulars, is happy to organise events, evenings and meals together, for workers to discuss their professional projects.

- Engel & Völkers Paris - Co-working - Le Tank

Co-working tools

All co-working establishments charge rates per hour, per day or even per month for the most diligent. On the other hand, they provide workers with the necessary equipment for optimal working conditions. Wi-fi, of course, is high-speed and unlimited, offices are well-maintained and often have a kitchen area and a relaxation area for those who want to enjoy it. 

Many co-working places provide a buffet, with unlimited tea and coffee, accompanied by confectionary, cakes and snacks. Finally, meeting rooms and private offices are sometimes available for hire. These modern work-spaces are, therefore, not only places intended to facilitate concentration, but also real places of conviviality for those who frequent them and who are enriched by the presence of various professions - graphic artists, artists, journalists and managers. 

- Engel & Völkers Paris - Co-working - La Mutinerie
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