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Decorating your property with works of art

Not just anyone can become an interior designer, and that's a fact. Knowing how to decorate your home requires a certain expertise in interior design, which includes choice in colors, suitable and well-arranged furniture, and accessories that will give any apartment or home a special touch. Among the many mediums that an owner can use to decorate his or her home, works of art are one of the most elegant possibilities, provided that they are chosen with taste.

A unique and authentic interior decoration for your property

First of all, the choice in artwork itself is a crucial element. Lack in taste is never far behind away when it comes to decorating a room. This may seem like a common sense, but it cannot be emphasized more that: a work's authenticity is the best guarantee for its value. A unique piece of art has all the character associated with an artist's rare creation, with a potential story to tell about its creator and their life.

On the other hand, it is advisable not to opt for works that have been massively reproduced, which can be found in mass market distribution or retail stores. After all, what could be more trivial and commonplace than a fake painting of the Eiffel Tower reproduced in thousands of copies? It is also important when making a purchase to ensure that the work you purchase is not a counterfeit. Unfortunately, there are more and more cases of works being counterfeited, particularly by copiers who reproduce them with a misleading accuracy. We all know the disastrous effect that counterfeiting can have on the work of honest artists. 

Choosing a frame for your artwork's design

Even if it is possible to decorate a room with a sculpture, paintings are still the most frequently used works of art by homeowners who wish to enhance their interior decor. However, to display a painting on the wall requires knowing how to choose the frame - especially the color and size format. In terms of color, it is important to preserve a certain consistency with the main elements present in the room where the piece is being displayed. For example, it may be decided to match the tone of the frame with that of the sofa, which results in a certain uniformity between the two.

In the same way, there exist many different frame formats. You should choose the size depending on the room where it is to be hung. A frame that is too wide won’t work in a small room, and vice versa. Similarly, in order to leave a sufficient field of vision around the work, a prudent decorator should ensure that a reasonable distance (at least twenty centimeters) is left between the piece and the room’s other elements (sofa, lighting fixtures, etc.), in order to avoid a “cluttered” effect. 
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Best practices for your property’s indoor lighting

Just as it is essential to let your work of art breath, it is also important to ensure that it receives the necessary amount of light for anyone wishing to admire it. Hence the importance of "highlighting" the painting that will be hung on the wall, and preferably on areas of the wall that are well exposed to natural daylight and are overall bright. Otherwise, if the room is dark, it is always possible to install a light fixture on or under the piece, which can be switched on and off to your liking.

Your artwork’s style should be chosen depending on the context of where it will be displayed. In a dining room, over a chest of drawers, one is encouraged to hang a lavish painting. In more contemporary atmospheres, like in small modern apartments found in large cities, a series of frames with thin edges and sleek surfaces are well adapted to the atmosphere and format of such an apartment, with a purposely minimalist design. The whole idea is to find the right balance between artwork and its environment. 

Eye-catching works of art that embellish your property's rooms

The aim of introducing a work of art is above all to decorate a room and to draw attention to it. The purpose of the work is ultimately to capture the eye. In this respect, it is the first thing that should be noticed by someone that walks into the room. A well-chosen and well placed work of art always attracts the right amount of attention and brings a real personality and history to your home or apartment. 
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