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Decorating your real estate property with a seaside feel is an invitation to travel

Summer goes with holidays and the desire to travel to an idyllic destination. In the meantime, why not bring a bit of fantasy to your interiors by adopting the seaside style for your real estate property? Whether it is for a primary or secondary home, this decor style is timeless, as it continues to seduce numerous households. The choice of a ‘seaside style’ interior design is generally an obvious and wise one, however, it is necessary to understand its basic principles in order to avoid some frequent errors.

Interior design for your real estate property : mistakes to avoid

The seaside theme is a decoration style in itself. A typical mistake is to only add a singular thematic element into your interior such as an aquarium or an isolated beach table, that are likely to be off-topic. Conversely, overdoing it by, for instance, using sand or too many shellfish as decorative elements is to be avoided. It is all about finding the right balance and being in the right tone for a harmonious interior design.

Another common mistake when working on a seaside style design is the insertion of too many personal memories into the decoration. This may be desirable to show a touch of authenticity, which is always welcome. To stay with the theme, it is also good to focus on small natural objects, which may be some shells beautifully put under a bell, or some graciously presented elegant wooden boards. Thus, there will be less risk of a mishap.

Creating a harmony between colours is the key to your property seaside style interior design

Naturally, the seaside style pays tribute to marine colours. The colours will help to create a special atmosphere that stands out and is typical of seaside houses. The subtle combination of blue and white will be the key to this type of decoration, evoking the ocean and the sky. The blue may be used in several shades, alternately gray-blue, sky blue or navy, to add perspective and make white walls more interesting.

The inclusion of wooden paneling in your interior design will bring another welcome tone, in keeping with the wild scenery of the coasts. This colour can be applied alternately to the walls or ceiling, in the form of exposed beams or panelling, which will give a "beach hut" style to your interior. The kitchen can be painted with a rustic white, while the ocean blue will fit better to the bathroom. This colour gives a Greek style to the room, a warm feel and evokes a feeling of relaxation.

- Style "bord de mer"

The choice of materials is a determining factor for the interior design of your real estate property

Alongside with the harmony of colours, the choice of materials is the other main requirement for the design of a seaside style decoration. Natural materials will be preferably used as they would evoke the wildness of the coastline, such as wooden accessories for example. Similarly, it is also possible to integrate a pebble floor in a bathroom with a seaside style, as an evocation of the beach. This room can also be fitted with small tiles in earthenware, a nice nod to an oriental atmosphere.

As for furniture, wood would be the ideal choice. Worn furniture can be spread out here and there, which will bring a vintage touch to the whole interior. For outdoor spaces, such as terraces or gardens, rattan furniture will be a particularly good addition due to its old-fashioned charm that will give an authentic echo to the typical houses of the coast. Finally, the inclusion of light curtains in white tones will give a real freshness to your rooms, keeping to a nautic and navigational theme. The addition of bench-type accessories or wooden stools, or any other object to evoke the sea, will also be welcome.

The seaside decoration gives a holiday atmosphere to your property

Undeniably, there is a special relationship between man and the sea. This is why, especially when far from it, we often want to recreate the seaside atmosphere, via interior design elements that are available to us. A subtle colour balance, the right choice of materials and furniture will ensure a tasteful seaside style interior design, perfect for escaping and travel desires.

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