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Garden with a modern design for your property : work with professionals!

Not everyone has green fingers. It is at least the unfortunate conclusion that many households make every year, due to the difficulties of creating a harmonious garden that meets their needs and expectations. Indeed, a lot of essential requirements for a successful garden project need to be taken into account and are often difficult to comprehend. The selection of plants, the exposure to the sun or the nature of the soil are some examples of these parameters. Hence, using the services of a professional garden designer can end up being the best way to effectively design your garden.

The different steps to design your real estate property’s garden

If you are convinced of the need to hire a professional garden designer, the first step is to naturally organise a meeting with them. The discussion will first be focused on the type of project that you want to carry out, whether it is the creation of a swimming pool, the development of a private garden or the set up of a green space around your garden’s property. By asking a few well-crafted questions, he will try to find out more about yourself, your personality, your lifestyle and the general design of your property to achieve a final result as close as possible to your expectations.

Based on the observations collected during this preliminary meeting, the garden designer usually then delivers what is called a ‘draft proposal’. This consists of a printed or computer-based modeling of the project envisioned by the professional, built according to the conclusions made on site with the client. This step makes it possible to appreciate the general layout, perspectives and volumes of the future garden compared to the property. At this point, the client can express any changes, readjustments or additional requests that they would want. Finally, when both parties reach agreement on the layout to be implemented, the garden designer will provide the client with a complete and detailed quote.

A landscape company creates the harmony between the garden and the property

Once we move to the next step of the project, which is the realisation of the arrangements previously decided, it is now time to work for the landscape company. Unlike the garden designer, the core business of the landscape company is to physically implement landscaping projects. However, it is not uncommon for a garden designer to work closely with a particular company, if for instance both parties want to maintain a productive relationship.

The company’s first mission will be to select the plants that will adorn your property’s garden. This is a crucial step for the project to be sustainable over time and to create harmony with the overall design of the property. The following step is the delivery phase, during which the landscape company carries out the construction work. It is possible that some adjustments are made during the work process, regarding for instance the decided implementations. Therefore, it is very important that the garden designer and the landscape company work in harmony, to guarantee a final creation of the highest possible quality.

Add some ‘green’ to your property by hiring a professional landscaper

If the creation of a garden from scratch defines the core activity of the landscaping profession, there are many other cases for needing to hire a professional in this field. For example, there are 250 landscape companies in France whose nature of business is labelled as "personal services". This means that they can intervene at individuals' properties to carry out small punctual gardening work, such as leaf collection, weeding, digging, or even pruning. These services may be particularly useful for elderly people living on their own.

Similarly, landscape professionals can be solicited at any time for the overall maintenance of the grounds of a property, whether it involves cleaning the edge of a pool, doing some brushing work, or performing reforestation. It is also good to know that these professionals have the ability to work on a property’s revegetation projects and create real gardens in your interior by installing pots, plants or even green walls. Finally, the "garden coach" profession has recently emerged. The role of this new speciality is limited to advise the client regarding the development of their garden at a specific time.

Nos propriétés avec jardin

What is the budget for designing a garden?

Obviously, hiring a professional to design your garden is a luxury that is not affordable for everybody. The price of the service will depend on a set of parameters, which includes the surface of the land to be developed, the nature of the work to be done, the potential extra services or the reputation of the chosen landscaper. Concretely, the ‘National Union of Landscape Entrepreneurs’ (“Union Nationale des Entrepreneurs du Paysage”) (UNEP) estimates the cost of developing a garden for an individual to 50 € / square meter minimum. In general, it will likely cost between 10,000 and 15,000 € for the design of a garden of average size.

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