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How to insure a luxury property

Home insurance is part of the recommended insurance for both homeowners and tenants. It is mandatory for privately owned properties in multi-dwelling complexes. In the majority of cases, individuals insure their property against potential damage or loss by taking out comprehensive home insurance or a customized insurance policy. And luxury properties are no exception to the rule. It’s much better to insure your property than to have to pay astronomical sums to repair any damage not covered by a policy.

Comprehensive home insurance - which elements are included? 

Home insurance covers buildings as well as contents (personal or professional). Some elements are optional while others are routinely included in policies. 

When insuring a high-end property, some insurance companies will send out an expert to make an accurate assessment of the value of your assets and offer customized coverage. 

How do you choose home insurance for a luxury property? 

Home insurance for a luxury property must be tailored to suit the property, taking into account different elements that may result in an additional premium or an exclusion. 

An accurate assessment of the risks associated with your property will help you choose your policy. There are many potential risks. These can include: theft, fire, flooding or other unforeseen damage. 

The best way to make an informed decision is to compare different offers and carefully examine what is covered, and any exclusions or deductibles. 

When it comes to a luxury property, it’s best to avoid underestimating the value of your assets or going for the cheapest policy. The most important thing is that the policy covers the value or your assets and relevant risks. 

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To make the right choice, do you need to compare home insurance online? 

Comparing different policies online is a routine procedure for most individuals. Choosing home insurance online may be a good option when it comes to insuring your flat or house. 

Some individuals may also decide to take out the home insurance policy provided by their bank. The most important thing is to read the clauses and conditions set out in the comprehensive insurance cover. 

How much does it cost to insure a luxury property? 

The cost of home insurance depends on several criteria: the type of property insured, the profile of the policy holder, the type of residence (is it a main residence, buy-to-let or second home?), the location, the area’s natural hazards, equipment on the premises and finally additional features such as the value of any furniture. The price of the premium will vary depending on the package and any optional coverage. 

Comparison remains the best way to choose your insurance. Requesting different quotes will enable you to choose the insurance that best matches your risk level and avoid paying a higher premium than necessary. When it comes to insuring a luxury property, prices are often customized and tailor-made to meet your specific needs. 

In any event, if you realize that the insurance you’ve chosen is not right or doesn’t suit you, you have the right to terminate your contract. For example, you have the right to terminate your contract at the end of a 12-month period or in the event of an increase of risk that arises during the course of the contract.

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