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Interior decorating that combines both rustic and modern: exposed beams

In the past, beams were only a common building material, used as framework to support a house or building's infrastructure. Wooden beams have been used in the construction industry since ancient times. In fact, they were once made from local forestry productions, and such beams were made to stand the test of time for decades to come. Since then, modernization has made an entrance, but exposed beams have remained fashionable in interior decoration.

A charming apartment or home with exposed beams

If exposed beams are still very successful today, it is because they are a wonderful element of an interior's character. While they were often hidden in the past, today they are proudly displayed in our homes, as objects of an unexpected revival. They are a central decorative element of a room, procuring it a certain charm. Today, some companies are even specialized in manufacturing fake wooden beams, proof that demand for them is strong.
In addition, the exposed beams trend completely transcends the urban-rural division that can sometimes be felt in interior design. Beams have this rare ability to fit in anywhere and can be used in almost any interior design setting, ranging from a rural mountain chalet with a strong emphasis on wood details to an ultra-modern urban apartment where one might find more metallic tones. Their imposing design reflects the tastes and imaginations of designers who are always ready to utilize this element of design in any stylish interior. 

Timeless interior design

Another important rift that often divides interior design is the contrast between old and new, which is counterbalanced by today's use of exposed beams. Companies that invest in the renovation of old buildings are careful not to touch them when they are present in a property, and for good reason. Some buyers or tenants swear by exposed beams, and even make them apart of their search criteria. This will encourage you to take care of these large pieces of lumber.
Nevertheless, exposed beams can easily be incorporated into a modern decor, if a few basic rules are applied. To highlight them, it is advised to paint the walls of the room in which they are located with light colors, such as white for example. This brings out their character and adds a touch of distinction to the whole. In addition, it is also possible to apply paint to the beams themselves, either in the same color as that of the wall, or in a shade of grey. This way, the walls color tones blend harmoniously with the beams. 

Notre sélection de biens

Various interior decoration styles with exposed beams

We sometimes want to follow a particular decoration style for our own interior design needs. This is possible with exposed beams, which fit perfectly into styles that give high priority to wood details. They are warmly welcomed in a chalet-style interior, where they complement wooden furniture and other decorative elements that evoke a mountain lifestyle.

It is possible to combine other decorative styles with exposed beams, such as seaside and the rustic themes, which match perfectly with exposed beams. These two styles, which are often found in second homes, like to highlight decorative elements that are reminiscent of a certain tradition, perfectly embodied by exposed beams. In a rustic interior setting, they will be left as they are, whereas for a seaside house, a bit of paint may be applied to them to ensure that they are in line with the overall interior design mood.

New real estate: beams are increasingly used by interior architects

The current craze for exposed beams lies in the charm and character they give a room, whether it is a kitchen, a dining room or a bedroom. Proof that enthusiasm for them is unrelenting, more and more architects are incorporating these large wooden blocks into new buildings. In a distinctly modern design style, there are even exposed metal beams, which represent the bridge that they helped to create between two periods.

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