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Our tips for installing a spa in your house or apartment

Are you thinking about purchasing a high-end spa for your house or apartment ? As a natural addition to luxury real estate, there is nothing quite like a spa for generating those feelings of well-being and contentment. Although a spa fits seamlessly into the luxury home environment, we would like to offer a few tips before you purchase and install your own hot tub, spa, whirlpool, or Jacuzzi.

What type of spa should I choose?

Your requirements, as well as your home or apartment environment, will determine what type of spa will suit you.

Should I build my spa outdoors or indoors?

Whether you build your spa outdoors or indoors, the parameters of the design must work with your home. An outdoor Jacuzzi can blend beautifully with a well-structured garden. If you prefer the privacy of an indoor whirlpool, your house or apartment must provide the appropriate space with close proximity to the infrastructure required for a water-based installation.

What size spa should I build?

The size of your spa depends on the type of activity, and on the number of people using it at any one time. If you build it outside, you may need a five- to eight-person Jacuzzi to suit a more social environment. If you wish to use the spa for swimming or hydrotherapy, you'll require a large size to handle the appropriate systems for facilitating these activities. If your preference is to relax in privacy, a two-person hot tub may be enough.

Are there any construction or safety issues I need to consider?

To ensure optimal standards in construction and safety, it is important to be mindful of some important building procedures and potential hazards before you begin the installation.
To assist you, make sure that you hire skilled professionals in the installation of spas for luxury homes. They can accurately scope the existing conditions of your house or apartment and match them with your requirements. As well, look for second (or more) opinions. This will also be beneficial when you settle on pricing.

  • For an indoor spa, you need a bathroom or other appropriate room with enough space for the tub, and for the water supply, plumbing, and electrical connections
  • An indoor spa generates large amounts of moisture, so good ventilation is an integral component of the installation
  • Make sure there is enough space to be able to move around the tub
  • Use especially designed anti-slip tiles around the tub
  • Ensure that the floor is strong enough to support a heavy weight
  • For an outdoor spa, choose a sheltered location for more privacy and a relaxed environment, or build a suitable border
  • Make sure that a soil analysis will be conducted for an outdoor spa

The many benefits of a spa at home

The soothing warm water and bubbles relax both your muscles and your mind. Swim spas allow you to practice water exercises at home in your own time. A spa lets you share your relaxation time with your loved ones—your partner, family, and friends.

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