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Real Estate franchise in Pescara

Dynamic, modern, youthful, Pescara is the capital of the province of Abruzzo, the most highly populated city in the Region and, in general, among the most populated in Italy, despite this, it has a composed, firm, stately character. Although it is a city with ancient origins, the Roman port centre, Pescara has a predominantly modern appearance due to the heavy bombing suffered during the Second World War, which caused the destruction of a large part of the city centre; there is no lack, however, of architectural evidence of the city's past: from the San Cetteo cathedral, the construction of which was strongly supported by the illustrious citizen Gabriele D'Annunzio, the Bourbon Bath, an ancient prison born under the reign of Carlo V, the Government Buildings, to the Liberty style villas.

An area of ​​special urban interest is the one revolving around the axis of Corso Umberto I, where there are a wide variety of commerces, from bistros through to the most prestigious boutiques, where post-war reconstruction has redesigned squares and buildings with distinctly contemporary architecture.

During the post-war economic boom years, Pescara experienced a large amount of industrial and urban development, which led the city to become one of the main centres in the geographical area of ​​central Italy. For some time, it has guaranteed the Abruzzo region a wide range of services that have allowed the entire Region to increase its competitiveness, both nationally and internationally.

Its particular geographic location, with the river Aterno-Pescara which crosses the city to flow into the Adriatic Sea, has, in fact, made it a fundamental port of call for trade with the Balkan regions for centuries, as well as with the Orient, in general turning it into, from the eighties onwards, one of the major industrial and commercial centres of the Mediterranean, thanks to its highly developed port area.

On the coast, there lies a splendid pine forest of Aleppo pines, a natural oasis which frames the low, sandy beaches, a very popular tourist destination which has been of great importance for decades.

From the Real Estate point of view, Pescara is an extremely dynamic city: with over two thousand ads for the downtown area alone in 2017, it represents about 46% of all Real Estate ads in the province, with particular relevance to a high class market, given that most of the buildings in the centre were designed by famous architects such as Luigi Piccinato, who redesigned the whole of today's skyline, Massimiliano Fuksas, Oriol Bohigas and others. This explains why the average price of the apartments for sale is approximately 25% higher than the average regional price.

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