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The city of Ferrara

Rich in history, Ferrara has always been considered a centre of cultural, political and artistic importance.

During the Este era particularly, this city in Emilia-Romagna was a point for reference for Italian lordships and headed the Duchy of the same name.

Ferrara's development during the Renaissance was so significant that, in light of its "Erculean Addition" urban expansion, it is considered the first modern capital of Europe.

Acknowledging Ferrara's importance and beauty, UNESCO declared it a "Renaissance City" World Heritage site in 1995. Ferrara went on to receive further UNESCO recognition in 1999, this time for the Po Delta and its extensive wonders.

One of the most intriguing and characteristic aspects of Ferrara is certainly the well-known atmosphere that one enjoys whilst exploring the city's squares, streets and little alleys on foot or by bicycle. Indeed, this is a quiet and reserved city which, in all its facets, evokes wonderful perceptions of other eras.

Ferrara's marvelous architecture uniquely blends medieval elements with canons that were typical of the Renaissance: a walk through the historic centre of the city is something to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

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A city that is rich in places of interest

Ferrara has an outstanding array of places to visit.

The city's main attraction is the Estense Castle: the true fulcrum and nucleus of the historic centre, this was once the residence of the Dukes of Este.

Palazzo Schifanoia is another fascinating place of interest: it has the wonderful Salone dei Mesi with its 15th century frescoes by the painters of the Officina Ferrarese.

Given the city's wealth of artistic and urban heritage, it would be impossible to mention each of the great number of interesting places there are here.

Its beauty and high-quality museums have resulted in an increasing flow of Italian and foreign visitors to Ferrara, making tourism one of its main economic sectors.

The province of Ferrara offers the Comacchio lidos and the Regional Park of the Po Delta of Emilia Romagna: these attractions draw a large number of visitors to the Este area each year.

The property market

One of Ferrara's most developed economic sectors is undoubtedly that of real estate.

In 2018 the Inland Revenue registered as many as 4154 real estate transactions in the province of Ferrara; of these, 1665 were in the capital alone.

It is easy to see how these figures indicate a strong and positive sector.

There are a considerable number of valuable properties in the city, in particular, especially in the immediate vicinity of the historic Castello degli Estensi. Ferrara is ideal for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in a premium segment of the real estate sector.

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