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Secrets of the houses for sale in Arona by Luca Spampinato, Engel & Völkers real estate agent

What does it mean to buy a house on Lago Maggiore today? What are the most popular properties in post Covid times? We asked the expert Engel & Völkers who shared his experience with us

Even after the pandemic, Lago Maggiore locations are confirmed as an exclusive and sought-after destination for those wishing to purchase prestigious properties. In particular, the town of Arona is the perfect place both for a first home equipped with every comfort, and for a charming second home, where lake view, garden and swimming pool are definitely not an optional.

Which are the most requested houses for sale in Arona at the moment and in which direction is the real estate market on Lago Maggiore going? Luca Spampinato, Engel & Völkers real estate agent, tells us about it.

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Would you tell us what you love about your job and why would you recommend taking this path?

It all started by chance but, after more than 30 years, I have never stopped: I love this job because it is very dynamic and it is a path that I would certainly recommend to take. The reasons are different. First of all for human relationships, as it is a profession that always puts you in contact with completely different people from different countries. Secondly for its psychological component. Almost always, behind the sale of a house there is the story of a family or a person and this places you in front of the need to understand their needs but also the sufferings, fears and expectations.

Furthermore, I would recommend starting this career because it ensures maximum freedom in terms of organization and time management: being free to choose and do is really priceless! Finally, I would recommend it because when you have a structure like Engel & Völkers behind you, economic rewards are never long in coming.

Let's talk about the houses in Arona that you take care of: which are the most popular types?

As often happens with houses for sale Lake Maggiore and in the most prestigious locations in our country, a distinction between a first home and a second home is almost a must. By the first term we mean the house where we live every day all year round. With the second instead we generally indicate a property that is used for holidays or during the weekend.

Those who are planning to buy their first home for their family usually prefer apartments, preferably with at least three rooms.

In particular, houses for sale in Arona with lake view or with terrace are the most requested. For those looking for a second home, the most popular are villas with panoramic views and gardens. There are also differences in terms of areas: while foreigners, for example, do not make too many distinctions between one side or the other, Italians prefer the lower part of the lake, with Arona, Stresa and the area that goes from Sesto Calende to Ispra among the most sought after destinations.

What are the most popular features for those looking for a home in Arona?

Again, a lot changes depending on whether it is a first or second home. For apartments, customers prefer properties located in a complex with few residential units and swimming pool or in quiet and residential contexts.

For buyers interested in buying a second home on Lago Maggiore, however, the view of the lake, the presence of a swimming pool and large gardens and green spaces become essential features to say the least. Foreign customers (which represent an important share of our market), show that they prefer new and technological houses or, alternatively, houses of historical and artistic value.

There are also the most demanding customers (those interested in properties above €. 1,000,000) who also require direct access to the lake and the private dock.

In cerca di una seconda casa ad Arona o dintorni? Eccone una selezione

Is there therefore a type of more frequent buyers?

Yes, the one interested in buying a second home, specifically for wealthy families with several children who do not need access to credit, but very often also for young couples. It should be noted that, following the pandemic, a new type of customer was born, those looking for a perfect housing solution as a first home equipped with every comfort, in which to live well but also work comfortably in smart working. Many of these customers come from nearby Milan or other cities in the region.

Why would you recommend investing in Arona?

Arona is one of the few towns on Lago Maggiore where you can live well all year round, without being affected by seasonality as happens in many tourist locations. It is a town that offers all services, a high quality of life, without forgetting the beautiful landscapes that are unmatched by other surrounding towns.

Add to this its enviable geographical position, strategic both for reaching Milan and other cities in Lombardy, as well as for reaching Malpensa airport, which is about 30 minutes away.

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Which properties currently for sale would you recommend visiting right away?

It is really difficult to choose. All the houses for sale in Arona and in the other locations of Lago Maggiore have those requirements of beauty and exclusivity, without which they could not even become part of the Engel & Völkers real estate portfolio.

If I had to list the 3 most interesting properties of the moment, even if very different from each other, they would be the apartment located inside the Antico Convento della Purificazione, a historical building dating back to 1590, of unparalleled beauty is also the three-room apartment in the center of Arona with parking space and cellar. For the more demanding, I recommend an exclusive lake view apartment with swimming pool, which is developed within a complex in a farmhouse. An architectural marvel!

What are the current trends for the near future?

The real estate market of Lago Maggiore (and not only) has certainly been affected by the pandemic and it is likely that it will still be in the near future. The lockdown has increased the demand for a second home outside the city, but also for an equipped first home, as comfortable and technological as possible, where you can work in smart working and, if necessary, reach your workplace.

As for the most popular destinations, Lake Orta is the one with the best prospects for growth, a destination not yet too well known except for the presence of the chef Cannavacciuolo's Villa Crespi. From a real estate point of view, it is already a very popular place, especially by the most refined foreigners of central and northern Europe.

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One last question: why rely on E&V among the many real estate agencies available around Lago Maggiore area?

Because buying a home is an extremely important moment in a person's life, both emotionally and economically, and we at Engel & Völkers know this well. If the potential buyer immediately understands that he can trust 100% of his real estate broker, he will live this moment in the best possible way, with safety and simplicity.

And when the customer is satisfied, there is no greater reward for us.

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