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Top 5 houses for sale in Verbania

From large villa with Italian charm to apartments with breathtaking views. Here is a premium selection of our houses for sale in Verbania that you will not easily forget

Verbania is able to conquer every heart. That's might be because every glimpse of it reminds us of the magical Renoir's landscapes, or for its lush parks and gardens that make us forget the smog of large metropolitan cities. But we are sure that, in part, Verbania also conquers for the beautiful villas scattered on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore.

In one of our previous in-depth studies we focused on the reasons that push potential Italian and international buyers to villas for sale in Verbania. On this occasion, on the contrary, we will go into the specific, visiting the most beautiful houses for sale in Verbania, full of charm and history, within reach of any need. Almost.


Price: 3.800.000 €

Not just any villa. Built in 1870, this architectural marvel was renovated in 2014 to restore the dignity, splendor and elegance stolen from the time flowing.

It is so large that it is easy to imagine it as a profitable future real estate investment. In fact, the villa has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, for a total of 730 square meters.

Just wait before being amazed. The garden is still missing, an wide terraced south-facing space for an extended sun exposure. Here there are many fruit trees, plants and wildlife, even an artificial lake on the top of the hill.

On the detail page you can discover the many other advantages of this luxury property in Verbania.

 Laveno M.
- Top 5 case in vendita a Verbania.jpg

Not to mention the wonder of the interiors, with attention to the smallest details, where the classic style of Italian furnishings meets the warm colors of marble, parquet and even stone.


Price: 1.250.000 €

Palazzo Cadolini dates back to the 1500s, a period in which Cadolini family chose to assert their social position with an imposing building, with attention to detail. Examples are the entrance portal in pink Baveno granite, the gneiss paved veranda with pink granite columns, the cellars with barrel vaults, but also the magnificent frescoes on the ceilings or the Chinese motifs that distinguish the living room.

Among our houses for sale in Verbania, this is certainly a residence that will allow you to relive the splendor of the sixteenth-century feudal environment.

 Laveno M.
- Top 5 case in vendita a Verbania.jpg

The 500 square meter garden with a well in the center is also comfortable, giving a romantic glimpse to the entire property.


Price: 900.000 €

We continue the review of premium homes for sale in Verbania with this luxury property in Arizzano, on the hills above Verbania, convenient from every point of view and for any need. For those who expect very large spaces (328 square meters are available). For those who love being outdoors (the land of almost 3,000 square meters surrounds the house, while the large balcony offers an unforgettable view of the lake just a few steps away).

There is also space for those who love sports. On the ground floor, in fact, there is a large basement-warehouse in which a gym or relaxation area could be built.

 Laveno M.
- Top 5 case in vendita a Verbania.jpg


​Price: 620.000 €

If the breathtaking view is what tip the scales in your choice of buying independent houses for sale in Verbania, then you will certainly like the solution we are about to present to you. Less spacious than the previous one, in terms of number of rooms and size of the garden, this villa, however, boasts one of the most evocative views in all of Verbania.

 Laveno M.
- Top 5 case in vendita a Verbania.jpg

For more info on this apartment, visit our detail page.

You will almost feel like you are touching the placid waters of Lago Maggiore with your fingers, once you have looked out over the main balcony. Inside, however, you will be conquered by the layout of the spaces and the Italian style that dominates every corner.

A visit to this property overlooking Verbania is worthwhile even just to admire the lake from a completely new perspective.


Price: 390.000 €

Last on the list, but not in terms of comfort, this property still available among the houses for sale in Verbania with lake view is ideal if you are looking for a home to transform into an accommodation facility. And for several reasons.

 Laveno M.
- Top 5 case in vendita a Verbania.jpg

First of all the place where it is located. Premeno, just 10 km from the center of Verbania, has always been considered a very well attended tourist location, where tourists from all over the world love to spend their holidays in contact with nature and the lake.

This villa was built in 1957 but inside is in perfect condition with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a living room with fireplace. Not to mention the many fun areas that are present nearby for your guests: golf course, ski fields, tennis, parks, swimming pools and paths through the pine forests.

A real jewel surrounded by a 1,500 square meters of greenery and with a breath-taking view of Lago Maggiore.

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