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Levanzo: unspoilt paradise and traces of history

Levanzo (Lèvanzu in Sicilian) is the smallest and also the most romantic of the islands belonging to the Egadi archipelago. The Greek name of the island was Phorbantia (Φορβαντία), probably due to its rich grass (φορβή).

With a land area of just under 6 square kilometres, in some areas arid and sunny and in large areas shady and lush with greenery, it is an oasis of peace and natural wonders for many, not just tourists. Most people only see it from the sea or on excursions, but staying there is the real luxury.

Its unique landscapes are made up of white limestone rocks that are articulated in numerous caves.

The village is very small and from the sea it looks like a nativity scene; composed of a small group of houses with a small harbour, it is only 15 km from Trapani, in a strategic position to reach the other Egadi islands.

The island has no roads (apart from a small stretch of asphalt road leading to the Faraglione beach), one moves only on foot and life takes the rhythm of the sun. There are no cars, the silence is the absolute protagonist, broken only by the crashing of the sea on the rocks or the cawing of seagulls flying along the coast. This condition contributes in large part to the integrity of its scenic beauty.

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The sea area surrounding the island and the entire archipelago is a protected reserve: the largest in the Mediterranean with over 50,000 hectares (this does not allow new construction but only the restoration of the existing). In some areas it is not possible to fish or enter with one's own vehicle except with an authorised guide.

Many protected marine species can be found in these waters, while in the western part of the island there are many nesting grounds for Royal Seagulls, which come to these caves in spring to nest and lay their eggs.

This is why Levanzo is a favourite destination for diving enthusiasts: its crystal-clear blue waters never disappoint.

Its seabed, in addition to marine species, is rich in archaeological finds; the island, in fact, is famous for having been the site of the Battle of the Egadi, in the power struggle that was played out in the Mediterranean during the first Punic War between the Romans and Carthaginians, in 241 BC. In the stretch of water in front of Cala Minnola, on the eastern side of the island, there is one of the most remarkable underwater archaeological sites: the wreck of a Roman ship and the remains of the cargo of amphorae and fragments of pottery lying at a depth of about 27 metres.

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Furthermore, a number of caves overlook the coast, the best known of which is the ''Grotta del Genovese'', one of Italy's most important archaeological sites, as it contains extraordinary prehistoric rock carvings and paintings dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic (9680 BC).

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Not forgetting its gastronomy: obviously very fast fresh fish at 'zero kilometre', simple and genuine flavours, and finally its small cafés with suggestive sea views that offer pleasant moments of relaxation and sociability.

Levanzo is an island to discover that, despite its small size, never stops to amaze!

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