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Selling a house in Treviso: the E&V method in 5 points

Selling a property is never easy, even when it comes to prestigious properties in coveted and desired cities such as Treviso. All the more reason, when you do not want to run the risk of damaging write-downs, selling a house requires in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as a series of technical skills that allow you to arrive at a correct definition of the property value. For this reason, the support of specialized agents can become invaluable for a quick and profitable negotiation for the owner. If you are preparing to sell a house in Treviso, take note of the advice of the professionals of the Engel & Volkers agency.


It may seem obvious, yet, even when it comes to real estate, the eye undoubtedly wants its part. The first step to selling your home quickly is to take care of it by making it presentable and tidy. Too often underestimated, the preparation of the property for sale and home staging serves, first of all, to create a professional photo shoot, essential for creating ads and giving the property the right visibility. Secondly, presenting a clean, well-kept, tastefully furnished home, with no obvious damage or pending repairs, increases the value of the property and the chances of impressing future visitors and potential buyers.


The correct evaluation of a property is an aspect of vital importance. To sell a house in Treviso, for example, it is not enough just to be the legitimate owner, but it is necessary to ensure that the property in question is actually compliant with the sale. Basically, it is good to rely on a professional who can ascertain, through an accurate appraisal and following appropriate surveys, the cadastral, building and urban planning compliance to avoid incurring penalties or other bureaucratic hindrances. The outcome of the evaluation of the property and all its appurtenances will then offer the starting point for defining a sale price that is profitable for the owner.

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Starting a real estate sale requires the presentation of essential documents such as the deed of origin, the cadastral survey and the floor plan, the Certificate of Urban Planning (CDU), the Energy Performance Certificate (APE). In order not to arrive unprepared for the conclusion of the negotiation, it is advisable to prepare all the necessary documentation in advance, making sure that nothing is missing. Not surprisingly, one of the good reasons to rely on a real estate agency like Engel & Volkers is the peace of mind of counting on specialized agents who can take care of all the necessary documentation to be presented to proceed with the negotiation and any other legal aspect required by law.


Nowadays, especially after the recent pandemic, one of the most common mistakes when selling a home is underestimating the potential of the innovations that technology puts at the service of the real estate sector. Think of the precious contribution of tools such as virtual tours, video visits, videos made with drones that allow you to reduce distances and have a complete and 360 ° view of the property, directly from your PC or smartphone. For this reason, contacting a real estate agency capable of providing innovative services and dedicated apps is a rewarding choice, as well as an extra step towards the success of the negotiation.


There are still those who think that the best ways to sell a house in Treviso are good old word of mouth and do-it-yourself negotiations. Nothing more wrong. Especially when it comes to luxury properties and prestigious properties, you should never leave everything to improvisation, relying on professionals who are able to identify the right target for each type of property. Starting from an in-depth knowledge of the market and of the real value of the property, through ad hoc marketing tools, with the help of experts it is possible to reach not only potential buyers who are really interested, but also market segments that would normally tend not to consider, as foreign investors or, why not, those belonging to the so-called millennial generation.

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