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Taste Festival, the top cuisine accessible to everyone!

From 26th to 28th of January 2018 the Courmayeur Mountain Sport Center is transformed into an overwhelming gourmet carousel full of colors, lights and music, where you can enjoy the best flawors of Aosta valley and Italy.

Six are the great chefs protagonists of this event, which they will exalt all the palates with their delicacies.
All enthusiast participants will enjoy an unforgettable moment among laboratories, tastings, wine tasting and much more together with our starred chefs.


Each day is divided into two sessions, lunch and dinner, with different contents for all tastes!

- The lunch session (12: 00-16: 00) offers a rich program of fun and educational activities to all those who want to approach the world of cooking and discover the secrets of the great chefs.

- The dinner session (18: 30-24: 00) transforms the Courmayeur Mountain Sport Center into the most lively "after ski" at high altitude. Three party nights where music, DJ sets, chefs and fun come together in style.


1) THE TINO, chef Daniele Usai

    - Burned shrimp and vegetable gardener

    - Cremolata risotto with prawns

    - Agnolotto with goat stracchino, reduced of fish and sorrel

    - Bread and Nutella

2) THE GALLERY, chef Giulio Coppola

    - Sfogliatella with broccoli sausage and smoked provola

    - Pasta with tomato sauce

    - Smoked cheese with Sorrento lemon, leek and cicoli

    - Caprese cake

3) THE TENDAROSSA chef Cristian Santandrea - Maria Probst

    - Pappa al Pomodoro

    - Spaghetti alla chitarra, artichokes, green mustard, chilli pistils

    - Braised ossobuco white conuva, capers and leeks

    - Crèpe of red fruits, bourbon vanilla, spicy cashews

4) CAFE 'QUINSON, chef Agostino Buillas

    - SuSci Valle d'Aosta: smoked trout, toma cheese, meat salè

    - My cheese polenta: D.O.P. alpine pasture fontina, crispy bacon and local corn flake

    - Organic durum wheat ravioli: Morgex boudin, beuro colò, mocetta powder

    - Char-fillet torrent with génépy: cauliflower, Morgex saffron, walnut oil and mountain thyme

5) LANGOSTERIA, chef Denis Pedron, Domenico Soranno

    - Seared squid with marinated zucchini

    - Goby prawn tartare, purple cabbage and passion fruit dressing

    - Gazpacho with creamed cod and basil

    - Gnocchi icon red prawns and yellow datterini tomato confit

6) TRIPPINI, chef Paolo Trippini

    - Artichoke with porbed whiskey, black garlic and tomato

    - Umbrichelli, red turnips, lentils and rabbit-style ragout

    - Free-range chicken stuffed with dried fruit and creamy spelled

    - Almond ice cream, dates, coffee and hot chocolate

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