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I buy Varese house: here are the mistakes to avoid

Buying a house hides some pitfalls. Let's see together how to avoid them

"I buy Varese house" did you say, and finally found the house of your dreams?

If finding the ideal property is the first step to being happy, concluding the purchase without nasty surprises is the essential condition for not having regrets and living peacefully.

Let's see some aspects related to sales that it is essential not to underestimate.


The costs of a property in Varese are not limited only to its selling price. In fact, it is necessary to add taxes, the cost of professionals (agency and notary), any renovation works.

Some estimate these expenses at around 10% of the property price, but the percentage varies a lot (especially in the work item). When organizing your budget, therefore, take each item into consideration.

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For those who buy a property as their first home, tax breaks are important. In fact, the registration tax drops from 9% to 2%. However, not everyone can access these benefits. In fact, the buyer who wants to take advantage of it must not take advantage of property rights, use, usufruct, home or bare ownership, on another property that is located in the same municipality as the home he intends to buy, but also throughout the country.

However, those who already own a property for which they have benefited from first home concessions, can request the same concessions if the previous one is sold within a year of the new purchase. In addition, not all cadastral categories are entitled to subsidies for the purchase of the first house: categories A / 1 (stately homes), A / 8 (houses in villas) and A / 9 (castles and palaces of eminent artistic and historical qualities).


The negotiation between seller and buyer is a crucial step that requires attention and preparation. Being aware of all the aspects related to the property you intend to buy preserves the buyer from any surprise and can help him / her get the most suitable price.

Knowing, for example, how long the property is for sale and the reasons for its sale can help in evaluations. As well as inquire about any building permits. It's still,

check for any extraordinary maintenance costs on the horizon (to do this, it is useful to ask for the latest building reports).

When it is time to make the purchase proposal, it is essential to get advice from the professionals to whom we rely, in order not to see the negotiation compromised.

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Among the aspects to be verified, the documents of the property you want to buy certainly stand out. Check on the actual owner of the property, to understand if the seller is the only owner and if mortgages or mortgages are not pending or the house is not involved in court cases.

Then pay attention to the cadastral plan, which must comply with the actual situation, otherwise the seller will have to fix it before the sale. And to the energy performance certificate (the EPA) which must be attached to the sales contract (unless the transfer of ownership is free of charge).


Finally, we come to the most valuable advice, the one that will allow you to live every step of the negotiation in total safety. Rely on a Varese real estate agency recognized and competent as Engels & Völkers will help you easily find the home of your dreams, without running into any nasty surprises.

"I buy Varese house" you said: it's the ideal time to do it!

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