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Autumn is here, bringing with it not only a feeling of homeliness, but also colourful treetops. Bright orange in the form of carved pumpkins is all around. It’s that time again, Halloween is just around the corner!

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The history of Halloween: What do we actually celebrate on 31 October?

The original Christian tradition of “All Hallow’s Eve” refers to the eve before All Saints’ Day. However, the celebrations are also associated with the Gaelic festival of “Samhain”, which marks the end of summer and thus the harvest season.

During this time, the poor went from door to door to offer prayers for the deceased members of the families and receive cookies, nuts and fruit in return. A tradition that quickly evolved. More and more young people started dressing up and reciting poems or singing songs.

The “trick or treat” tradition in the US, i.e. the custom where children dress up in scary costumes and call on houses with the threat of pranks if they are not given a small gift, only began at the beginning of the 20th century after Irish immigrants introduced the tradition here.

How do our influencers celebrate Halloween?

Meanwhile, Halloween is celebrated around the world. For this reason we looked around our international network and asked our Engel & Völkers influencers how they celebrate Halloween. We discovered a few regional variations, as well as similarities. Find out what Nikole Ferrari in San Diego and Ludwig Cords think about Halloween.

What is your favourite Halloween tradition?

Nikole: Well first of all, Halloween is one of my absolute favourite holidays. My favourite part is definitely dressing up in costume. I usually start thinking of my costume mid-September. My creative side really comes out during this process.

Ludwig: The best Halloween tradition is children reciting poems or creepy sayings. The whole neighbourhood comes together on these occasions to dress up and go from door to door. The evening is mostly celebrated within the family circle.

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How will you be celebrating Halloween this year?

Nikole: This year my friends will most likely try to peer pressure me into going through a haunted house or two in the neighbourhood. And then we may go to the Downtown San Diego Halloween Monster Bash!

Ludwig: This year I will be celebrating with friends. Hamburg offers first-class events. For some parties you must dress up, which gives Hamburg’s party mile, the “Reeperbahn”, a special look.

What are typical Halloween traditions in your region?

Nikole: Well, as a child, trick-or-treating is the biggest tradition. Children get dressed up in costume and their parents take them around the neighbourhood knocking on doors collecting candy and treats from participating households. It's really a shame we can't do that in our 20's unless we have kids of our own... I have a sweet tooth. There are also haunted houses and mazes that people create for all ages that many brave people choose to walk through. Another tradition that exists in America is carving pumpkins. A long time tradition to do with family or friends. One cuts a hole in the top of the pumpkin and takes out the seeds inside. (Some of us bake the seeds in the oven for a snack). Then carefully you carve a face in the side of the pumpkin, place a tealight candle inside and place it out front of your home as decoration!

Ludwig: What is typical for Halloween in Hamburg is going from door to door together in the neighbourhood. The kids run around in scary costumes and call on houses, reciting scary poems or sayings. They are then rewarded with sweets. For children, going from door to door dressed up is a special experience. Furthermore, a huge amount of sweets is handed out, which is another highlight for the children.

Follow the Halloween experiences of Nikole Ferrari and Ludwig Cords on your social media channels - you are most welcome to join!

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