Let your property bloom!

Interview with Franziska von Hardenberg – Founder of Bloomy Days

Let your property bloom!Are flowers just for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day? Of course not! With a variety of flowers and vases, you can give every room an extra dose of glamour.  Finally, there’s no easier way to brighten up your property. Stylish pastel colours, artistic vases and seasonal flower displays give your home a refreshing sense of variety. Traditional-classic or eccentric-exotic – however varied the tastes and preferences, blooming design elements are simply indispensable.

In early 2012, Franziska von Hardenberg founded Bloomy Days, the world’s first flower subscription service, and she inspires in the interview with her floral interior ideas.

Engel & Völkers: Engel & Völkers is a property company, conveying large villas and also classic city apartments. Do you have any tips on how to choose flowers for different properties?

Franziska von Hardenberg: It’s important that the flowers make the space sparkle, so you have to decide what works best for each space. Floor vases can work wonders in simple surroundings, presented on a dinner table or a large desk. A space which is already furnished with many details, on the other hand, profits from clear structures. For example, multiple vases containing the same flowers bring a certain calm to a space. Ultimately, anything that you like goes, because at the end of the day, it’s about that feel-good factor.

Engel & Völkers: What about gardens and balconies? In your opinion, what should no garden or balcony be without?

Franziska von Hardenberg: I love cut flowers in an apartment and on the table in the garden. As far as planting them is concerned, I prefer simple greenery with fresh herbs or a vegetable patch

Engel & Völkers: Which flowers are the most popular at the moment? What’s the flower trend of 2016?

Franziska von Hardenberg: Flowers have seasons when they are popular. Pastel-coloured flowers are currently popular, as well as many popular spring flowers, such as hyacinth, tulips or anemones.



My current favourite: cream-rose ranunculus. Once fully in bloom, they are so delicate and powdery, as if they could disintegrate if you touched them, and that’s a very special sight.

Engel & Völkers: What are you personal tips for someone who doesn’t want to buy “normal” or classic flowers, but who wants something particular?

Franziska von Hardenberg: I am a big fan of exotic species. Strelitzia with black cordyline leaves is one of my favourite combinations of ours – or a bouquet of red ginger with alstroemeria. That’s one of the great advantages of BLOOMY DAYS – we show our customers the entire seasonal variety available to them throughout the year. That way, you get to know so many types of flowers that you hadn’t noticed before.

Engel & Völkers: What should you always bear in mind when choosing a vase?

Franziska von Hardenberg: Depending on the variety, flowers should always have sufficient support inside a vase. Tulips and other woody-stemmed varieties require tall vases, hard-stemmed flowers such as hydrangeas, on the other hand, are also happy in shallow vases. The most important thing is that the vase is really clean and, ideally, is fresh out of the dishwasher.

Engel & Völkers: What sort of vases should everyone have in their homes?

Franziska von Hardenberg: A table vase, a floor vase and smaller vases for the bathroom and kitchen.

Engel & Völkers: Where can you purchase nice vases?

Franziska von Hardenberg: I especially like the vases from Rosenthal. But I also have simple glass vases or individual pieces from the flea market on my shelves. It’s the combination that makes it.

03_2015_03_20_Homestory (20 von 23)

Engel & Völkers: At Bloomy Days, somehow everything always looks special and in harmony. How does one arrange flowers properly?

Franziska von Hardenberg: You can create a harmonious environment with plenty of dedication and repeating colours and varieties. When selecting our flowers every week, I always pay attention to producing colour harmonies or I work with contrasts which complement one another, for example.

Engel & Völkers: What maintenance tips can you give us? How do you ensure that flowers last as long as possible?

Franziska von Hardenberg: A clean vase is essential, it’s the only way to make fresh flowers last. Ensuring that the flowers are freshly cut and that the water is changed every 2-3 days is also important.

Engel & Völkers: What do flowers do for people?

Franziska von Hardenberg: It can range from grief to ecstasy, flowers are always a very emotional statement. And you can be sure – flowers always strike the right chord.

Engel & Völkers: Valentine’s Day is around the corner – What sort of flowers should a man buy for his wife/girlfriend? Classic roses?

Franziska von Hardenberg: No! No classic roses please. Apart from the fact that most women don’t like red roses, there are plenty of other beautiful varieties with which to make your loved one happy. Every women wants to be individual and, in particular, she wants you to love her individuality – so say it best with different varieties. Peonies are a guaranteed success. All women love peonies. At the moment, I would recommend our pink bouquet of freshgermini or a big bunch of tulips. From our experience, we know that woman attribute much meaning to Valentine’s Day because they don’t want to celebrate love just once a year. So a flower subscription allows you to say “I love you” in a wonderful way throughout the year – the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Engel & Völkers: And what’s best for Mother’s Day?

Franziska von Hardenberg: I think mums like everything that says: Mum is the best! This ranges from peonies to lilies to carnations.  The most important thing is that you’re thinking of her. The best thing about our subscription is the fact that you can order regular flowers for Mother’s Day. So you can surprise your Mum with a fresh bouquet of flowers every month for a year, for example. What a joy. It’s also a great tip for your wife.

Engel & Völkers: Flower arrangements for a wedding?

Franziska von Hardenberg: Absolutely. I decorated my own wedding and ensured that everything was perfect from the bouquet to the table decorations to the button holes. Beautiful, fitting floral decorations provide a wonderful setting for every event.

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Engel & Völkers: Bloomy Days has boomed with the world’s first flower subscription service. But what should I do if I wish to have flowers delivered by you and am not at home during the normal delivery hours (and can’t have them delivered to the office)?

Franziska von Hardenberg: You can order the flowers to your place of work, the box is personally developed by us and includes a carrying strap, making the box easy to transport. What’s more, the flowers may be left with a kind neighbour, delivered to a mail depot or a delivery permit may be granted. Thus, the courier knows that the package should be left directly to the left of the garden gate, or in front of the apartment door. 

Curious? Then subscribe to our wonderful flower service now and make your home bloom. Treat yourself and the four walls you call home and discover a new surprise every month – it’s worth it!


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