Playing with light and creating the perfect atmosphere

Beautiful furniture, designer carpets, art on the walls, magnificent houseplants - even the most delightful ambience can be destroyed instantly with one push of a button. In other words, if the only thing that happens when you switch on the light is that everything turns bright. Homeliness requires a mix of direct and indirect lighting that is adapted to your style of interior design.

Light is life

Be it natural daylight or artificial lighting, humans need light to feel good. What needs to be observed in this regard is that brightness, just like warmth or cold, is experienced subjectively. Some need more, others need less. Classics include pendant lights, standing lamps, table lamps and wall lights. However, the continuous development of LED technology brings many new lighting and installation possibilities that were unimaginable in the past. Regardless of the technology, it is always important to observe a few fundamental principles during planning, which we will explain below.

All good things come in threes

Light designers often say that a coherent lighting concept should be based on three different light sources: ambient lighting, accent lighting and scenic lighting. One is for seeing while working or reading. One is for looking at, in other words it refers to the aesthetic allure of the luminaire itself, which makes it appealing to look at even though its light is not really needed for seeing. The third source is intended to draw attention. It diverts the gaze to a special object in the room, for example a picture, a sculpture, a piece if furniture or similar. These three elements should be balanced in every room.

Lighting concept for the living room

The living room is generally the room in which a person spends most of his time and pursues various activities. At the same time, it is also often the most representative area in the home, a place where guests are received - in addition to the kitchen or dining room. That is why the living room requires special attention.

First of all, it is a good idea to use lamps that match the existing style. The height of the ceilings is another factor that needs to be taken into account. If the ceilings are low, it is generally recommendable to do without pendant lights and use wall lights or spotlights instead. If you use spotlights, ensure proper spacing between wall and ceiling so that the light is not lost on the floor or in some corner of the room. In as far as the number of lamps is concerned: Rather use more than less. The more luminaires there are in the room, the more options you have for creating different atmospheres.

Lighting concepts for other rooms

The above principles also apply for bedrooms that are not used exclusively for sleeping, the only difference here being that you would use more intimate lighting instead. The kitchen and bathroom require a different lighting approach. The preparation of food as well as facial care or shaving require work lighting.

In the kitchen, the work lights can, for example, be integrated in the extractor hood or in the wall units. If the dining area is located in the room, it requires one or several lighting options that provide a more cosy light. In the bathroom, it is recommendable to use ceiling spots or cove luminaires that can be placed in the recess between the wall and ceiling, so that the fixtures remain hidden. Mirror lighting should be placed on the left and right, not the top, otherwise the the nose will cast undesirable shadows and your eyes will appear sunken. Dimmable lights are also called for, as this allows you to take a relaxing bath in warm light that is not too bright.

In case of doubt: Try it out for yourself! It is not necessary to hire a light designer for this purpose. After all, it’s about creating an atmosphere that you like!

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