Getting more out of exposés

In the search for a new home, most real estate buyers use advertisements and brokerage portals. The pictures, videos and descriptive explanations here leave a formative impression. Often enough it is love at first sight when prospective buyers discover a property. To ensure that the new passion holds up to a fact check, we will show you how to extract even more information from an exposé!

Hamburg - Exposés serve as a first source of information for home buyers. We will show you how to read between the lines and learn more about the property:

An exposé is an offer!

Keep in mind that the seller is pursuing a goal with his exposé: to sell as successfully as possible. Like every offer, an exposé presents houses and apartments in the best possible light. If, for example, the current owner takes the pictures himself, they will probably show the parts of the property he likes best. A neutral observer may see things differently. A real estate agent looks at the property from a market perspective, based on experience, and presents it professionally in the exposé.

What pictures show

A real estate agent evaluates exposés with the same professionalism. For example, he pays attention to details that provide him with information on the condition of the electrical system. Light switches and sockets say a lot. If the design reminds you of the good old times of your childhood, the electrical wiring hasn’t been updated in quite some time. In this case the costs for the repair will be added to the purchase price for you as the buyer. At the very least you should keep this in mind and ask specific questions about it during the viewing.

Photographic stumbling blocks

It is technically practically impossible to capture a room completely in a photo. The smaller the room, the more difficult it becomes. To at least get an impression, a wide angle is used when photographing. Downside here: Everything appears enlarged and distorted. In extreme cases, the otherwise unspectacular effect is easily recognisable. Use estimates to get a realistic impression of the dimensions. Orientate yourself on objects of known sizes. This could be a single or double bed, for example. Or, in the kitchen, a stove or refrigerator.

The general condition of the property

There might be shrubs covering the façade or furniture placed against the wall. To really assess the condition, you would have to be on site. Nevertheless, numerous details are revealed to the close observer. Window sills and frames shown in the exposé should appear intact. The same also applies to skirting boards. Modernisations such as these take place at large intervals. You can often judge how long it has been since the last renovation by looking at the pictures. These also provide information on the maintenance of the property in the past or the degree of utilisation. First conclusions can already be drawn from this before the viewing. Your real estate consultant will be happy to support you in the evaluation and preparation of exposés.

Interpreting the floor plan

The floor plan of the property shows load-bearing walls and installations. This allows planners to assess the potential for creating new spaces or changing existing spaces. The exposé depicts the current state of the property. The direction which the property faces and the position of the windows give you information about the natural incidence of light. Provided there are neither tall trees nor buildings opposite. As the pictures on the Internet are not up to date in all regions, it is better to ask or postpone checking the surroundings until the day of the viewing.

Analysing hidden clues in the exposé

A description of the property on offer can and should give a first impression. The exposé cannot replace a viewing. Nevertheless, you will save yourself unnecessary appointments if you fully evaluate the advertisements. Pay attention to supposed “little things”. Take a look at any video and drone footage of the property. Try and figure out how the footage relates to the images. This will allow you to get quite a good impression even before the viewing. If you are considering selling your property, you are welcome to consult one of our real estate agents. They will be happy to prepare a market-ready and fair exposé for you.

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