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What is the right type of property for you?

A chalet in Kitzbühel or rather a city centre of Innsbruck? The choice between different types of property often depends on personal preferences and needs. It might not be so easy to determine which type of property is right for you. We have listed various options in order to help you with your search for your perfect home.

- Wir haben für die Naturliebhaber die perfekte Immobilie in unserem Portfolio.

The active nature enthusiast

Do you enjoy doing sports and love being surrounded by nature? If so, a chalet or country home in Kitzbühel, the house in Seefeld, or the dream property in Zillertal is just right for you. In these lovely settings, nothing stands between you and your winter or summer sports activities.

Whether you enjoy skiing, hiking, or playing golf: in the leisure regions of the Alps, you live according to the rhythm of the seasons. The luxury of a chalet is perfectly combined with a regional sense of comfort and unique mountainous landscapes.

Haus in Tirol

Haus in Zell am See

- Innsbruck bei Nacht - leben Mitten in Tirol

The urban type

Do you love and live a vibrant urban lifestyle? If you are communicative and social, then a penthouse or an apartment in Innsbruck is ideal for you. In the thick of the action and with a fabulous view, you can have people over for a cosy brunch or throw the perfect party on New Year’s Eve. At the same time, you are away from the excessive level of noise associated with the hectic nature of living in the city. The top floor also provides you with exclusivity as well as luxury and privacy.

Wohnungen in Innsbruck

- Wir unterstützen Sie gerne, bei Ihrer Suche nach der Traumimmobilie.

The family person

It goes without saying that families need space. This is why the family person focuses on having a house with a garden. Living outside of the city centre is particularly popular amongst families with small children. They live in the city and do not want to give up the advantages of urban life after starting a family, yet at the same time they want to provide their children with a beautiful home surrounded by nature. All of these desires can be fulfilled in the region of Innsbruck Land.

Here, people make sure that their neighbourhoods remain good and secure, whilst escaping the hustle and bustle of city life at the same time. However, it is not necessary to do without the benefits of city life. In most cases, nurseries, schools, and shops are situated just around the corner. Choosing to live in the suburbs is often a good compromise between living in the countryside or living in the city,

Häuser in Tirol

- Wir haben bestimmt das richtige im Portfolio.

Der Investor:

Als Kapitalanlage Immobilien in der Alpenregion Tirol und Salzburger Land zu besitzen ist der richtige Weg zu einem sachwertigen und gesicherten Investment zur Gewinnerzielung sowie der Altersvorsorge. Immobilien gelten seit jeher als eine der sichersten Anlegeform mit lukrativer Wertsteigerung. Der Investor erkennt vorzeitige Markttrends und reagiert zum richtigen Zeitpunkt darauf, Stichwort, Immobilie mit touristischer Nutzung.

Mit der Investition in eine Ferienimmobilie in einer der attraktivsten Tourismusregionen Österreichs wie Zell am See oder Seefeld in Tirol erfährt Ihre Immobilie durch dauerhafte Investitionen in die Region, eine konstante Wertsteigerung, ebenfalls können hohe Renditen durch Mieteinnahmen erzielt werden, zudem hat eine Immobilie mit touristischer Nutzung einen sehr hohen Eigennutzungswert.

The investor

Owning properties means having high-quality and secure investments to generate profits or as a retirement provision. Real estate has always been known to be one of the most secure investments involving lucrative value appreciation. The investor recognises early market trends and responds to them in the right moment, such as properties which can be used for tourism purposes.

When investing in a holiday property in one of Austria’s most attractive regions, such as Zell am See or Seefeld in Tirol, your property will enjoy consistent value appreciation due to permanent investment in the region. Additionally, high rates of return can be achieved from the rental income and a property which can be used for tourism purposes has the added value that it can be used by the owners themselves.

Anlage- und Investmentobjekte

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