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Four smart reasons for moving to Switzerland

Ireland's beloved modernist writer, James Joyce, adored Switzerland. He once stated that Zurich's main street, Bahnhofstrasse, was so clean he'd gladly eat minestrone soup from its surface. While that's unlikely to be high on your to-do list, you'll soon discover that cleanliness isn't the only attraction Switzerland offers. Here, we discuss the many compelling reasons to search for properties in Switzerland.

- Sie spielen mit dem Gedanken, in die Schweiz auszuwandern? Schlagende Argumente für den Umzug finden Sie hier.

A stable investment

Property markets often play a decisive role when we're choosing where to live. Fortunately for those relocating to Switzerland, volatility isn't something to worry about. Switzerland has historically been one of Europe's most stable countries, both politically and economically. Indeed, recent market reports suggest that the nation presents many savvy investment opportunities.

Majestic landscapes

Switzerland has to be a strong contender for Europe's most beautiful country award. The colossal peaks of the Alps are mirrored in calm, glassy lakes – themselves surrounded by quaint and colourful villages. If you're a keen walker, photographer, or general admirer of natural beauty, moving to Switzerland has obvious appeal.

The wealth of gorgeous natural landscapes also means the country offers ample opportunity to escape. Migration is often driven by employment, and the promise of exciting new opportunities for work. When it comes to moving to Switzerland, the healthy outdoors-based lifestyle is every bit as enticing as the work itself.

A welcoming nation

The European Union is a big bonus for anyone who loves travelling, whether it's for work or pleasure. One thing that can be exciting for travellers is the enormous diversity of languages across the continent. Within the EU alone, there are more than 20 recognised languages, and across the entire continent, there's almost 60 different tongues. Fortunately, language barriers are less likely to be a problem in Switzerland, as German, French, Italian, and English are all widely spoken, making communication easy for people from across the world.

Centrally located

The diversity of languages spoken in Switzerland is mostly a product of the country's geographical location – it's located right in the heart of this busy continent. This is excellent news for frequent travellers. Whether it's for work or leisure, moving to Switzerland ensures you have a wonderful base for travel.

How to do it

If you're sold on moving to Switzerland, all that remains are the practicalities. Relocating to Switzerland is a little different to many other European countries. Your first step is to acquire a Swiss residence permit, which will depend on your type of employment. Ordinarily, you will have an offer of employment in place, and your employer will help with the formalities. With a permit ready, all that remains is to find the right property. Engel & Völkers can help you with buying property in Switzerland.

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