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We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding real estate. Write us an e-mail or give us a call – we are happy to speak to you.
Or you are very welcome to visit us in our shop at any time. Come on by and let us give you professional advice.
We look foward to seeing you!
JP Foto 2015 HF HP_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Julia Pflugbeil

Claudius Staratzke_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Claudius Staratzke

Regional Management
sven böhning neu_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Sven Böhning

Regional Management

Carsten Kohl

Sales force management
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Denise Tiedemann

Assistant Team Volksdorf
Luka Böthig_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Luka Böthig

Assistant / Digital Marketing
Amuth Baskerville_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Almuth Baskerville

Assistant Team Marienthal

Sina Böhning

Recruiting / Onboarding
Margrit Trosiener_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Margrit Trosiener

Accountants department
Susanne Schlichting 2019_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Susanne Schlichting

Accountants department
Horst Damrau_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Horst Damrau

Agent Team Volksdorf
Karin von Selle_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Karin von Selle

Agent Team Volksdorf
_FSN0019 cw 13x18 Fotostudio Nina_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Henning Schroth

Agent Team Volksdorf
_FSN0003 cw 13x18 Fotostudio Nina_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Matthias Preuss

Agent Team Volksdorf
Frau Junggaard_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Siri Junggaard

Agent Team Wellingsbüttel
Astrid Erhorn runtergebrochen_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Astrid Erhorn

Agent Team Wellingsbüttel
Mariam Hosain_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Mariam Hosain

Agent Team Wellingsbüttel
_FSN0017 Kl Strecker engelvölkers Ausschnitt quadratisch Fotostudio Nina....jpg

Yvonne Strecker

Agent Team Wellingsbüttel
_FSN0016 cw orig Fotostudio Nina (1)_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Frank Heinemann

Agent Team Wellingsbüttel
Frau Wisnicki_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Joanna Wisnicki

Agent Team Wellingsbüttel
Friederike Walch_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Friederike-Antonie Walch

Agent Team Wellingsbüttel
Simone Radke.jpg

Simone Radke

Support / Recruiting Team Wellingsbüttel

Fabian Müller

Rental service / Agent Team Marienthal

Susann Kromat

Agent Team Marienthal
Bild Recruiting_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Marina Lingenbrink

Agent Team Marienthal
_FSN0018 cw Fotostudio Nina_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Judith Peiró

Agent Team Marienthal
_FSN0003 cw Fotostudio Nina_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sabine Bretting

Agent Team Marienthal
Ben Blesse 1_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Ben Blesse

Agent Team Marienthal
Sandro Hennig 2019_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Sandro Hennig

Digital Marketing / Agent Team Marienthal

Bennet Klawan

Leon Bircks_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Leon Bircks


Joshua Brock

_FSN0010 KL orig Fotostudio Nina_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Fin Fröhlich


Kaja Lisanne Becker

Christoph Enders.jpg

Christoph Enders

Financing specialist E&V Finance
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