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Real Estate Cerdanya house types and new construction developments

Architectural typologies in Cerdanya

When talking about Cerdanya, it is usual that a series of natural landscapes come to mind with majestic peaks as a backdrop. This is the case logically, but it is by no means the only predominant note in the landscape of the region. The properties that characterize each town also constitute a hallmark of the region. Engel & Völkers Cerdanya manages a Real Estate portfolio in which houses full of history are combined with the latest construction innovations.

The most traditional houses

The first aspect to consider is that the municipalities of Cerdanya do not have a single traditional house but rather various architectural typologies closely linked to the environment. However, the houses around a “Ceretan Era” or patio are, perhaps, the quintessential village house in the region.


The “Ceretan Era”, owes its name to the Iberian people that lived in the Pyrenean region, is characterized by its large size, the solidity of its construction (stone walls), the presence of a patio and the slate roof. All these qualities are included in the urban planning document: “Pla Director Urbanístic de La Cerdanya”.

The typical farmhouse, called masia or mas, is another type of construction deeply rooted in the area, as in other parts of the Catalan geography. The farmhouses in the region have different spaces such as the main house, the hayloft or the stables and are usually located on a land of considerable dimensions, being located, generally, in natural environments or in the vicinity of towns. It should be noted that buyers interested in this eminently rural typology can find options with a long history written on their walls.

Construction materials and qualities in Cerdanya

Traditional homes, such as the ceretan house or the farmhouse, are obliged to follow a series of technical, formal and aesthetic requirements to have the relevant cataloging, which constitutes a true seal of quality for the buyer (especially with a view to the economic exploitation of a property). The materials must be typical of Cerdanya (wood, stone, slate ...) and the properties must have very clear requirements regarding their size according to the regulations of the municipality. Also, in terms of colors and finishes, a unified aesthetic of the exteriors must be maintained.

When you think about investing in a villa, farmhouse or house to renovate, a very interesting option for buyers who wish to fully customize their new home, the regulations establish a series of guidelines in order to undertake the corresponding actions. The result of these refurbishing are homes that are respectful with the environment as well as practical and modern to inhabit.

The possibilities of the New Construction Developments

New Construction is another possibility that Engel & Völkers Cerdanya offers to the most demanding clients. In the region there are several Real Estate Developments of semi-detached houses, single-family houses, apartments, flats and duplexes, very close to the urban area of Puigcerdà, the regional capital and its authentic vital center. In most cases, these are single-family houses in which, while respecting the traditional appearance of the area, the most modern comforts are included.


Other properties of new or recent construction would be large houses or mansions on large estates, close to, for example, the Real Club Golf Cerdanya or areas as exclusive as La Corona de Bolvir, Tartera or El Pla. In these cases, buyers acquire a home equipped with all the imaginable equipment and with full guarantees of tranquility and disconnection, without giving up the facilities of the city.

Renovations, residential areas and much more

As we have already seen, the refurbishing of large properties and apartments is a proposal that increasingly seduces buyers. In this way, they ensure a house with high performance, in a premium location and with all the facilities to design their ideal home. Here we could mention the traditional 19th century villas or manor houses that are located mostly in Puigcerdà in the neighborhood around the lake but also in Alp or Bellver de Cerdanya.

In addition, we should mention the availability of semi-detached houses and other assets in the context of a housing development or residential area with services such as swimming pool, children's games or tennis court, like those located for example in Puigcerdà Residencial, La Pleta de Bolvir or La Pleta de Saga, to name just the largest ones. Here residents enjoy high quality services in a safe, private environment with a great atmosphere.

Whatever the type of home you are looking for in Cerdanya, house, apartment, villa, farmhouse or even land for a new construction, ask the reference Real Estate agency in Puigcerdà, Engel & Völkers Cerdanya for information.

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Whatever the type of home you are looking for in Cerdanya, house, detached house, single family house, manor house, estate, apartment, villa, farmhouse, country house or even land for a new construction, ask the reference Real Estate agency in Puigcerdà, Engel & Völkers Cerdanya for information.