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Building a green space in a parisian apartment

The springtime is the season for abundant greenery and blossoms. The trees highlight their beautiful foliage and flowers of all kinds begin to appear in parks and the windows of Paris. If you also want to make your apartment more beautiful by bringing a touch of greenery, here are some ideas for quick and easy landscaping.

Install greenery on the balcony

To bring plants into your daily life, the easiest way is to make the most of your balcony. In Paris, balconies are a popular housing feature and an outdoor space arranged with plants is an original way to preserve your intimacy. In the manner of a screen, pots in a row, or climbing plants spread over a bamboo fence, can easily find their place on a balcony.

Depending on your exposure to the sun, it is important to choose the most suitable plants. You can also consider planting a small vegetable garden to grow delicious organic produce such as tomatoes and lettuce. Large tubs will allow you to grow your own vegetables, even in the Paris centre! To make it look as attractive as possible, think about adding some garden furniture. A coffee table, a bench or a chaise longue allow prospective buyers to envision how the space can be used. Do bear in mind that you should focus on lightweight materials for a balcony for safety reasons!

Choose furniture and houseplants for your home

If you don't have a balcony, you still have a possibility to create a green space in your interior! You can do this by considering facilities adapted to accommodate many types of indoor plants. You can install dozens of plants with pots of various sizes. Placed in attractive bowls in various rooms, your green plants will immediately give it a vibrant and refreshed look. Containers of different shapes (vertical and horizontal), as well as transparent vases, are a good idea to elegantly decorate an interior.

Shrubs with volume bring a consistent touch of greenery to an apartment, without requiring specific amenities. By combining several species, you can easily create plant zones in various environments. In Nordic fashion, you can also have green plants on the edge of the windows.

Design a plant wall in an apartment

If your rooms are small, it may seem a bit ambitious to install a large green area. One solution, however, is to opt for the green wall. A green section can be designed for a reasonable price in a Parisian home, without encroaching on the floor surface. Several methods can be considered to carry out this project. In a kitchen, a succession of hanging pots can be installed, enabling you to grow many varieties of aromatic plants.

If you have space available in your living room, why not try the vertical garden? A wooden stand will accommodate ivy or climbing plants of your choice. A plant partition can also be designed, especially in a room, by dispersing a set of pots and vases through several shelves on a single wall. By arranging an indoor garden vertically in your property, you will solve any problem related to lack of space.

Grow plants in your kitchen

It is equally interesting to include a planting space in a kitchen. A small vegetable garden can be installed very simply if you use deep pots and place them in well-lit spots. Glass containers may also be placed on shelves or occasional furniture. In doing so, the miniature plants chosen will offer a charmingly earthy aspect to your room. To save space, they can be placed in a wall herbarium with a frame.

Finally, to create a real indoor garden, you might wish to also install an island of greenery on your work plan. Several pots of small size, placed in a square, will give you access to aromatic herbs and plants while making your interior look amazing.

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