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Eating Out in Paris: Where to Go

Paris is the capital of all cuisines.

From local bistros to the best of French gastronomy

Parisian restaurants have an outstanding reputation, to the point that they are regarded as the best in the world. Tourists are starry-eyed about the idea of a romantic dinner in Paris, at the top of the Eiffel Tower or on the banks of the Seine. And for good reason, as it must be acknowledged that it is a love of cooking that enlivens the City of Light, with chefs from all walks of life sharing a varied clientele and vying for inspiration. From grand starred establishments celebrating the heights of culinary refinement, unusual fast food to tasty bistro cuisine, there is literally something for everyone and every budget.

- Engel & Völkers Paris - Bistrot - Credits photo : Moyan Brenn

Some intriguing places

Many enigmatic places are waiting to be discovered in the streets of the capital. Why not start with the Bel Canto, on the Hotel de Ville quay? Service is provided by opera singers throughout the evening. Meanwhile, the Tour d'Argent, along the banks of the Seine has become a legendary Parisian destination, with its panoramic and breathtaking views. Poetry lovers will be drawn to the Closerie des Lilas on the Boulevard du Montparnasse, which was once patronised by Apollinaire, Picasso and Sartre. There is no shortage of unusual establishments, such as Sola, a Japanese gastronomic restaurant, where one eats sitting under a huge stone arch, the Cristal Room Baccarat with its opulent decor, or Dans Le Noir, which, as its name suggests, aims to heighten the guests' sense of taste by turning off all the lights.

- Engel & Völkers Paris - Gastronomie - Credit photo : Jean Louis Zimmermann

Key foodie events in Paris

The reputation of Paris means that the city regularly plays host to prestigious shows, held in high esteem by top chefs. Le Salon du Chocolat is the talk of the town during its annual exhibition in late October. Confectionery, drinks and even clothes made from chocolate have made this event an unmissable feature of Parisian life. High-flying competitions, such as Jean Delaveyne, provide opportunities for experienced chefs to showcase their talents. Even fast food now has its own showcasing events. The first Food Truck expo, for example, will take place in 2016, while the next edition of the Sandwich and Snack Show, the Japan Food Show and the Parizza Show will be held at the fairgrounds of the Porte de Versailles in March with the following programme: demonstrations, competitions and the exhibition of new trends.

- Engel & Völkers Paris - Louvre - Crédit photo : Joedesousa

The food truck phenomenon

The latest small culinary revolution, the food-truck is now a popular way of breakfasting for the inhabitants of the capital. This concept was introduced a few years ago and quickly became a phenomenon in the world of catering. Many chefs now prefer to invest in a truck and offer alternative fast food as an alternative to working in a fast-food chain restaurant. A food-truck kitchen is usually family- friendly, healthy, fresh and original. There are all cuisines, although the majority of food trucks serve delicious burgers. However, one is alway delighted to find trucks serving tacos, Asian food, delicious sweet pastries, exotic ice creams, bagels, pizza; while some are even dedicated to vegetarian cuisine. One of the most original is the travelling mozzarella bar, as well as some serving Argentine and Vietnamese food, while others specialise in Greek yoghurt and grilled meat. Pay attention to their times and locations as they change regularly; after all, food trucks have the distinction of having no fixed place to serve their dishes. The internet the best way of finding out the location of nearby food trucks.

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