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When listed schools drive up real estate prices

Henri-IV in Paris, Cheverus in Bordeaux or Vendôme in Lyon... So many names of prestigious schools that make many parents dream of the best for their kids. And if their children's schooling is their priority, it has an impact on real estate prices!

Proximity to quality schools, an essential research criterion
If the size or style of an accomodationis an important search criteria in many real estate projects, proximity to centers of interest is just as essential. This applies to shops, public transportation, the workplace and, of course, schools. For most families, this is an essential selection element that greatly determines the eventual acquisition of a property. Of course, practicality is important, but when it comes to excellent schools, it is not the main reason.

Settling close to quality establishments and applying to an exemption
The national education system guarantees access to education for all French children, in the school closest to their home. It is also possible to apply for an exemption to enroll your child in an establishment other than the one corresponding to his or her area of residence. However, this request will only be granted if there is still room in the requested establishment and therefore the most reputable middle and high schools are excluded from the outset. The easiest way to send your child to the school of your choice is to live nearby. This increases the demand for properties that are ideally located close to renowned establishments.

Prestigious high schools, even more highly rated than middle schools
According to a study conducted by Homadata, a company specializing in real estate data, high schools of excellence are the schools that have the most impact on real estate prices. Indeed, in Paris, they can raise the price per square meter up to 25% depending on the neighborhood. However, the average is around 10%. If the influence of a reputable middle school is to be put into perspective in relation to high schools, it nevertheless causes an increase of 6% on average. This phenomenon of rising rents is not only observed in Paris but in all major French cities.

Prestigious schools, a source of dynamism
Beyond the desire to send one's child to a reputable school, this study by Homadata underlines the fact that reputable schools tend to be catalysts of interests. In their immediate surroundings, there are many shops, especially food shops such as bakeries and greengrocers. There is also a concentration of public services and sports facilities. These are all elements that justify an increase in real estate prices, as they are basic characteristics of everyday quality of life, whether one has children or not.

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