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The magic of home staging - Learn how to value your house

Home staging: how to get a return of up to 15% when selling or renting a house

Do you have a house to sell or rent? You know that, simply and with little investment, you can get your property in the market much faster and with a higher return

It is all about home staging, which is now a major international trend in the real estate world.

What is home staging?

It is a concept that aims at valuing the real estate product. It's putting the house on stage and creating the ideal setting for marketing. The goal is to improve the product so that it is more attractive to the market so that people who are looking for a home can visualize the space and imagine living there.

We use several techniques that aim to put the house in its best state and raise its potential to the maximum, so that the marketing can be done as soon as possible and with the highest possible value. We say that it is the minimum investment for maximum return.

Like for exemple?

There are several simple techniques such as depersonalizing a home. That is, if I enter a house and it's very personalized, I'm sure I'll have some difficulty imagining myself living inside. But if I enter a space that is decorated in a more neutral way, without the personal assets, I can imagine myself living there.

Another technique is to neutralize the color and decoration level. If there is a very heavy decoration and very strong colors, such as red, green or black, I do not feel so good, because it is also a very personal thing, and it turns out to be more aggressive. On the other hand, space seems to be smaller.

The very arrangement of the furniture and its size is another very important factor. Often people are not aware of the areas and buy very large furniture or sofas and are left without social space. And then, when I enter, in the position of buyer, I will think: this room is very small and it does not work for me. Which is an obstacle to selling or leasing.

What is studied internationally is that the investment in home staging should correspond to between 1% and 3% of the sale value of the property and usually a valuation between 7% and 15% is obtained. Let's say it's always worth doing home staging.

Source: Idealista

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