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Becoming an Estate Agent: 10 Reasons to Choose This Career

Estate agents have the opportunity to explore one of the most exciting and versatile careers while investing in a growing industry that enables personal and professional growth. Perhaps it was for these reasons that Forbes magazine published a report comparing the most diverse careers and concluding that estate agents were among the happiest professionals.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a career. Still, the appeal for the real estate sector is increasing, noting a demand for work in this area, especially by people who wish to enjoy the best job opportunities and build a solid career, in an environment where everyday life is challenging and one is allowed to get out of monotonous routine.

These are just some of the reasons why so many people are thinking of becoming an estate agent. But they are not the only ones and that’s why today, we will disclose a list of top 10 reasons to choose a career as an estate agent.

1. A Non-monotonous Job
In their day-to-day life, estate agents deal with numerous people. Every person is different and unique with their own specifications. This is, therefore, reflected in the goals, desires and needs that guide the search for a property. So, those who enjoy hearing stories and meeting new people will have a unique opportunity in the real estate industry to make sure that every day of their career is different and tells a different story.

2. Learn More Every Day

The career of an estate agent cannot be mastered at once. Every day, the estate agent is confronted with new situations. It is not only the people who change, but also the industry and the market situation. Thus, to be prepared for the real estate market, a proactive stance is required, impelling the search for obtaining further knowledge and continuous learning. Learning more about the industry, market trends, new marketing strategies, and new digital tools will help transform each day's work into a form of learning, ensuring that the agent gains new skills and prepares for career success in any medium.

3. Encouraging Creativity
At first glance, the real estate market may seem uncreative but this concept could not be more wrong. The strategies to be implemented for the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as the aesthetics of each property photo and the creation of advertising content requires the agent to also explore his creative side. Creative skills training is, therefore, another asset in this type of career.

4. Encouragement of Critical Thinking
Faced by demanding clients or by complex properties, the fact is that critical thinking and resolving problems will be part of the agent’s daily life. Challenges will be overcome by fostering critical thinking and problem solving strategies; key tools for the life and career of the estate agent.

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5. Playing a Part in Making Dreams Come True
Another great reason for becoming an estate agent is that you can be part of one of the most decisive and emotional moments in other people's lives: the moment of buying or selling a home. By accompanying the entire process, the estate agent will be part of a unique life experience and they can get the maximum satisfaction from knowing that they played a part in the realisation of other people’s dream.

6. A Flexible Sector
Being part of the real estate industry also means integrating an independent and flexible career that will allow you to manage your own hours and have a greater capacity to create your own strategies and work methods.

7. Continious Training
Within some companies in the sector, you will have the opportunity to enjoy continuous training. This is the case with the Engel & Völkers Academy, where you are invited to take advantage of the most important resources and gain more knowledge about the market.

8. A Networking Career
Creating a network of properties and clients is another reason why it makes sense to choose a career as An estate agent. The wider your network, the better your performance. Engel & Völkers, for example, has an international network of premium properties available to its agents.

9. Higher than Average Salary
Working as an estate agent is also an opportunity to build a successful career, from which you can earn an income based on your performance. It is, therefore, a growing market and you will most probably see a positive return on your efforts.

10. Personal Achievement

Anyone who has an interest in the real estate world has the opportunity to explore the market’s limitations in this type of profession by satisfying their passion for the vast world of buying and selling real estate.

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