What our agents have to say: Hendrik Liedmeyer’s career change to real estate broker - Part 1

After having spent his holidays on Majorca several years in a row, Hendrik Liedmeyer decided to relocate to the sunny island altogether and start a new life there. It did not take the trained retail salesman and art dealer long to figure out what kind of work he wanted to pursue in Spain - he decided to change career and join Engel & Völkers as a real estate broker, and has worked at the Shop Santanyí since August 2017. Something he has not regretted! In an interview, he tells us about his start in a new team, the qualifications that were important for his lateral entry to real estate, and his first successes.

Hamburg - Hendrik Liedmeyer decided to change career and join Engel & Völkers as a real estate broker. In an interview, he tells us about his lateral entry to real estate.

What kind of work did you do before joining Engel & Völkers?

I received formal training as a retail merchant, worked in retail for four years, and then as an art dealer in Cologne in the last ten years. A private contact introduced me to the art scene, and there was also a little luck involved. So this actually also comprised a career change.

What motivated you to pursue a career change?

My primary motive was my desire to move to Majorca. And because I enjoy interacting with clients and serving as an intermediary, and also see a connection between art and architecture, I had the idea to take a closer look at the real estate sector. There are certain similarities between my former work as an art dealer and my current work as a real estate broker, such as client interaction, a consultative approach and a focus on aesthetics.

How was your start in Majorca and in the new team at the Engel & Völkers shop?

It started off great, it was much easier than I imagined. My team is worth its weight in gold. I had the opportunity to accompany my colleagues on viewings and learned about the special statutory regulations that apply here in Majorca. The regulations are quite different to those in Germany. Each municipality has its own building codes. My team was very warm and welcoming, even better than I had hoped for!

Does real estate consulting in Majorca require specialist knowledge?

Yes, definitely. You can only learn so much from the internet, all the really important information is acquired via active networking, for example with municipal authorities. This know-how is invaluable, as clients have many different types of questions. In my view, a good real estate broker is someone who has the ability to find the right answers.

To what extent did the structures at Engel & Völkers, for example the Ready to Sell seminar, help you with your onboarding process?

The Ready to Sell was a good way to learn how to use the internal CRM tool. It was also a good way to learn how to deal with objections in the real estate context and familiarise myself with sales arguments. All in all, I found it to be somewhat long-winded, which is why I welcomed the changeover to online seminars and the shortening of the Presence seminar. But I also enjoyed interacting with other brokers and gaining insight into the German market.

The purely personal in dealings with clients comes to bear in the daily work situation. As a broker, you need to carefully consider which of the tips you receive suit you and your style. Of course, personality also plays an important role in sales. Ultimately, it’s a big give and take between the consultants. With my 15 years of sales experience, I already had my own style, of course. And as I am once again working in an exclusive, upmarket segment, I am dealing with more or less the same kind of clientele as before.

Do you see any differences between Germany and Spain?

There are significant differences in the regulations. In Majorca, it takes time to find your way through the red tape. There is much learning by doing, and much exchange of information within the team.

Seeing that I spent my holidays in Majorca regularly for seven years in a row, I know the southeast - my farming area - pretty well. Now I am getting to know the rest of the island too, as well as the other colleagues. There are 17 Engel & Völkers shops here in Majorca.

Editor’s note: The farming area refers to the area assigned to each broker, for which the broker is responsible in all real estate matters handled by Engel & Völkers.

Learn more about Hendrik Liedmeyer’s successful career change to real estate broker at Engel & Völkers in the second part of our interview.

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