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Where to rent an apartment in Barcelona to enjoy the Copa America

The 2024 Sailing America Cup is about to arrive in Barcelona, and with it, the opportunity to live a unique experience full of emotion, sport and glamour. If you are thinking about enjoying this world-class nautical event to the fullest, renting a home in Barcelona will allow you to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and experience the regatta from within.

Mistakes you should avoid when buying a house in Spain

Buying a house in Spain is a dream for many, but it can be a complex process and full of challenges if the necessary precautions are not taken. At Engel & Völkers, as a leading real estate agency in the Spanish market, we want to help you avoid the most common mistakes and make buying your home a successful experience, so we will explain some of the most common mistakes that are made when buying a home. house or an apartment.

Cual es la diferencia entre villas, chalets y mansiones

Villa, chalet, mansion: what’s the difference?

When perusing our property listings, you’ll see many terms used to describe stately homes, including villa, chalet and mansion. While all are quite luxurious, there are distinct differences between the three types of property. If you’ve always wondered what is the difference between a mansion and chalet, find out below.

cual es la mejor zona para vivir en Barcelona

The 10 keys to choosing the best place to live in Barcelona

When choosing the best area to live in Barcelona, there are many factors to consider. Therefore, there is no single answer: everyone has different preferences, and so everyone will have different criteria in terms of location, local amenities, and the price per square meter they are prepared to pay for real estate in Barcelona. This article presents a comparison of the main suburbs of Barcelona - Eixample, Zona Alta, Gracia, and Les Corts, Ciutat Vella - based on ten key points of comparison.

Are you a foreigner and want to buy a house in Spain? These are the steps you should follow

Pleasant climate, rich culture, good quality of life, open and friendly people, lower property prices than in other European cities... There are surely many reasons why Spain appeals to you as a country to invest in and buy a home, whether for holidays or for longer stays with a long-term vision. But how do you go about buying a property in our country?

Seller Guide

Que significa ser el usufructuario de una vivienda

What is a usufructuary of a property?

If you are still not clear about what usufruct is and how it works, this term refers to the right of a beneficiary to enjoy the use of a property without being the owner. The person who takes over the property is called a usufructuary of a propertywhile the one who hands over the property is called the bare owner.The figure of the usufructuary of a dwelling is common in inheritances inheritances between family members, since, due to some legal precepts, the property and the assets that compose it are established in favour of an heir (generally the spouse), which allows him/her to enjoy it without being the owner.

What is the difference between constructed and useful metres?

There are many people who, when buying or selling a property, are not very clear about the concept of built and useful metres. This is exploited by some unscrupulous sellers who take advantage of this confusion to obtain a higher return on the sale.

Evolution of the Spanish real estate market in 2022

2020 and 2021 were strongly marked by the pandemic, and it was expected that in 2022 things would return to normal. But after the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the global socio-economic context has changed completely, and the Spanish real estate market has not been unaffected.

Real Estate Agent

We open a new shop in Caldes d'Estrac

This November we have opened a new new shop in Caldes d'Estrac. Located in Passeig dels Anglesos, number 1, is an important milestone in our commitment to offer quality real estate services in the Maresme area. Moreover, this shop shows our clear commitment and growth in the area, in addition to the coworking we already have in Mataró (Torre D'Ara, Av. Cabrera, 36).

The 10 most common job interview questions

Job interviews are part of the process for finding a job. They help HR managers select the right candidates for the position. This is why preparing in advance is important. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions at an interview:

5 preguntas que debes de preparar en una entrevista de trabajo

What are the 5 smartest questions that must be asked in a job interview?

Any coach or recruiter has a few favourite questions to ask the candidates. The purpose of the questionnaire will be to find out the skills and abilities of the job candidate, whether he will perform well, how he works as a team member or under pressure, etc.

How to showcase our strengths in a job interview

One of the questions usually asked in job interviews is the enumeration of strengths or strengths of the candidate. Improvisation is not the most accurate method to deal with the situation.Strengths are usually based on personal qualities and abilities.

Do you know what the role of an estate agent is?

After the real estate crisis, the world of property business has completely changed. Not only have prices changed significantly, which surprised those who thought prices would never go down, but they also coincided with the internet boom, which has changed the way properties are marketed. Just like in every sector, there had to be a change in the different phases of the business to guarantee the number of operations and the market to continue. One of those changes related to an estate agent ... so what does this figure represent? According to the Royal Language Academy, an estate agent is an "Expert in a subject on which he advises professionally". This professional, after the real estate crisis and in tune with the Internet, discovered that there were new ways to offer properties, grow national and international connections, mass distribution of information, among others. After the real estate bubble, the role of an estate agent as a self-employed professional began to take central position, since his/her traditional duties multiplied and now it has turned out to be an activity that requires extensive training, adapting to new technologies, and also knowledge about values, prices and pricing. 

What to study to work in a real estate agency

Working in a real estate agency is one of the most promising job opportunities in our country today. The recovery of the real estate market is a reality today, and in addition to this, there are more and more buyers, sellers and tenants who require the services of an experienced professional for the sale or purchase of a property. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about what it takes to work in a real estate agency, the salary of a real estate agent, or what to study to work in a real estate agency. Let's get started!



Charity Gala "Colabora Birmania"

On May 28th Engel & Völkers sponsored the "Colabora Birmania" Charity Gala in the city of Madrid, which was attended by our team from Engel & Völkers Madrid and Magnum & Partners. With this event, the foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary and brought together hundreds of people committed to educational and social development projects in Burma. During the event, the work of the foundation supporting the most vulnerable communities in the country was explained: from educational projects to community development initiatives.

The Potential of Outdoor Kitchens: A Summery Boost for Property Valuation

In the modern real estate landscape, outdoor kitchens play an increasingly important role. With the rise in interest in outdoor entertainment and open-air hospitality, they not only influence the way we use our homes but also their value. As a leading real estate company, we illuminate the growing potential of outdoor kitchens and how they can positively influence the value of the property.

5 Advantages of coworking spaces

Coworking' spaces are becoming more common in Spain. After all, they offer a wide variety of benefits to those who wish to work in them. In this article, we want to dedicate a few lines talking about the 5 main advantages that you can enjoy when sharing such a space in your company.

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