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Project acquisition – with help from the professionals

If you’re involved in housebuilding privately or professionally, you know that land for building in Switzerland is hard to find. In urban areas in particular, it’s virtually impossible to find land in a great location. Engel & Völkers doesn’t just specialise in selling property – it also helps prospective owners, architects and project developers to find the right plot.

Every project has to start somewhere: in housebuilding, it all begins with the basic concept and finding a site. Many people spend years looking for the right piece of land for their dream home. Project developers working on bigger new builds face the same hurdles.

Engel & Völkers’ greatest strength lies in outstanding knowledge of the market in your region and excellent local connections. That’s why we offer the services you need for every phase of the project.

- Architekt arbeitet an einem Modell eines Neubauprojekts

Buying land

As is the case in so many walks of life, plots of land often change hands on the quiet. That’s why a comprehensive overview of the market and a strong network are key to snapping up a suitable site for a building project. As your local partner, we’ll help you find the perfect site for your project.

Conversion planning

You’ve got the perfect location in mind – but there’s already a building on the site. With our preliminary conversion analysis, we can work out specific conversion opportunities for existing properties and estimate the costs involved. With this feasibility study, we can perform a cost-benefit analysis and work out which is worth your while: full conversion, or demolishing the existing property and building a new one.

Site analysis

A preliminary site analysis is key for development projects intended for sale or rental. Location and distance from transport connections, shops and schools have a huge impact on prices. Each location has its own dynamic and attracts different people. Residential projects only succeed when they meet the needs of their clientele. Engel & Völkers uses a range of analyses and trend studies to determine key client requirements and match them to potential sites for your building project.

Plot bought – now what?

Engel & Völkers’ service can be broken down into three stages. When the concept phase is complete, we’ll help meet your requirements in the project planning and marketing phases. Whether you need help planning the residential mix or building a smart marketing strategy – our team can advise on all aspects.

Contact us for an initial consultation with no obligations. We’d love to help lead your project to success!

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